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Links to web sites of the software and hardware used to make The Inner Mind web site.

These are commercial or shareware programs unless otherwise noted.
Homesite Code based HTML editor. It is not WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) but it does allow complete control over the HTML pages. Replaced by Dreamweaver.
Paintshop Pro Used for making the web page graphics. Also used for editing and adjusting scans and video captures.
Photoimpact Also used for making the web page graphics. Company merged with Corel and software is no longer available.
Image Robot A batch image editor used for things like cropping, adjusting, or resizing multiple images. This software is no longer available.
Flying Fonts Used to make the 3D text banners. Replaced by 3D IMPACT! Pro.
Iview A freeware image viewer which also has some image editing features.
VuePrint Another versatile image viewer with some image editing features.
Goldwave Used for recording and editing sound files.
Real Audio encoder Version 3.1 was used to convert the WAV sound files to Real Audio. This freeware version does not appear to be on the Real Audio web site anymore but it can be found elsewhere.
FlashFXP FTP program used for transferring files from my computer to the web site. The reason I use this program is because of its bookmark feature which allows one to go to any bookmarked directory on the web site with a click.

Hardware and other things
Micron Millennia Computer I used for the development of the web site. Micron no longer makes PCs.
Scanjet 4C Used to scan pictures.
Snappy Used to do the video captures. This product is no longer available.
Hughes Receiver & VCR The HDR-205 D-VHS VCR can record and play back the satellite signal from the HIRD-D45 satellite receiver which means the video recordings have the picture quality of DIRECTV. The video captures in the Outer Limits section were done from this. The ones in the Young Indy section were done from a regular VCR. These products are no longer available.
Bitstream 500 Font CD where some of the fonts used in the 3D text banners came from. Though this particular CD is no longer available Bitstream sells other CDs.
Coffeecup Software They had a web graphics collections CD where the Inner Mind interface came from.

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