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Otherworld Episode Guide

Otherworld cast

Revision date: March 16, 1998

Compiled by Loren Heisey

Series notes

The Sterlings are a typical California family who visit the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. On this day there is a particular alignment of the planets which occurs once every tens of thousands of years. At that time they pass into another dimension which constitutes a whole other universe. The family journeys through this Otherworld trying to find their way back home. Their only hope of doing this is if they can reach the capital of Imar which lies across many forbidden zones and provinces that make up the states of Otherworld. As the family passes through these provinces they find varied types of cultures, political regimes, and technological levels. They are pursued by Kommander Nuveen Kroll because they took his Access Crystal which allows them access to computer memories, opens certain doors, and dispenses information about how to travel (which is important as there are no maps in Otherworld since they have been forbidden). With Kroll are the Zone Troopers which police Otherworld.

Series creator Rod Taylor has done teaching at Standford University, a recording artist for Asylum Records, occasional acting, and writing scripts. The series came about when Rod was walking across the street with the president of Universal who mentioned if only there was a way to do Lost In Space on Earth. Rod replied I have the way for you. Rod's son Bruce was also involved with the series starting when he was just 18. Since the show aired at 8pm CBS wanted it family-oriented. Rod did run up against the CBS censors on several occasions. One was over using the name Church of Artificial Intelligence but Rod eventually won out on this. The episodes were written by people involved with the show, but had the series continued Rod planned to bring in Sci-Fi writers and others not part of the mainstream. The pilot was originally to be 2 hours but was split into 2 episodes: Rules of Attraction and Village of the Motorpigs.

Guide notes

Just the guest stars in the opening credits are listed. Most of the synopses were supplied by Tom Walsh. The series notes came from Starlog issue #91 and Sci-Fi Channel shorts.

Principle production credits

Supervising producer: Alex Beaton
Produced by: Lew Hunter
Created by: Roderick Taylor
Executive producer: Roderick Taylor
Associate producers: Wm. Stark, Alan Barnette, Bruce A. Taylor
Executive story consultant: Coleman Luck
Theme by: Sylvester Levay


Sam Groom: Hal Sterling
Gretchen Corbett: June Sterling
Tony O'Dell: Trace Sterling
Jonna Lee: Gina Sterling
Brandon Crane: Smith Sterling (1&5)
Chris Hebert: Smith Sterling (2,3,4,6,7&8)
Jonathan Banks: Kommander Nuveen Kroll


1. Rules of Attraction

Original airdate: January 26, 1985
Written by: Roderick Taylor
Directed by: William A. Graham
Guest stars: Amanda Wyss, James Hampton, Barbara Stuart, Ray Walston
Synopsis: The Sterling family passes through a portal into a parallel universe and find themselves in an alternate reality.

2. The Zone Troopers Build Men

Original airdate: February 2, 1985
Story by: Roderick Taylor & Bruce A. Taylor
Teleplay by: Coleman Luck
Directed by: Richard Compton
Guest stars: Mark Lenard, Dominick Brascia, Robert O'Reilly
Synopsis: Hal and June try to rescue Trace, whose plummeting school grades have earned him induction into the Zone Troopers.

3. Paradise Lost

Original airdate: February 9, 1985
Story by: Roderick Taylor & Bruce A. Taylor
Teleplay by: Josef Anderson
Directed by: Tom Wright
Guest stars: Barbara Stock, Cynthia Eilbacher
Synopsis: A storm deposits the Sterlings on the shore of an island, where a resort hostess falls in love with Hal.

4. Rock and Roll Suicide

Original airdate: February 16, 1985
Written by: Roderick Taylor & Bruce A. Taylor
Directed by: Roderick Taylor
Guest stars: Michael Callan, Warren Munson, Sarah Buxton, Jerry Levine, Michael Ensign
Synopsis: Gina and Trace introduce rock 'n' roll music to astonished Centrex City, causing a cultural revolution that reaches Kroll's attention.

5. Village of the Motorpigs

Original airdate: February 23, 1985
Written by: Roderick Taylor & Bruce A. Taylor
Directed by: Paul Michael Glaser
Guest stars: Vincent Schiavelli, Jeff East, Charles Lane, Marjoe Gortner
Synopsis: While attempting to evade Zone Troopers, the Sterlings flee to a region where a crazed ruler has outlawed families.

6. I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

Original airdate: March 2, 1985
Story by: Roderick Taylor, Bruce A. Taylor & Coleman Luck
Teleplay by: Bruce A. Taylor & Coleman Luck
Directed by: Tom Wright
Guest stars: Elaine Giftos, Dennis Howard, Susan Powell, Beverly Todd
Synopsis: The Sterlings try to remain anonymous in a city ruled by women, only to have Trace enslaved for an innocent infraction of the rules.

7. Mansion of the Beast

Original airdate: March 9, 1985
Story by: Roderick Taylor, Coleman Luck & Bruce A. Taylor
Teleplay by: Roderick Taylor & Coleman Luck
Directed by: Corey Allen
Guest stars: Alan Feinstein, John Astin
Synopsis: A hermit helps the Sterlings rescue June, who is the prisoner of a half-man/half-beast that has fallen in love with her.

8. Princess Metra

Original airdate: March 16, 1985
Story by: Roderick Taylor & Bruce A. Taylor
Teleplay by: Douglas Lloyd McIntosh
Directed by: Peter Medak
Guest stars: Carolyn Seymour, Hunt Block, Byron Morrow, Joan Foley, Drake Hogestyn
Synopsis: The oppressed people of Metraplex province mistake Gina for their beloved Princess Metra, but her new status could prove dangerous.

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