Young Indy (1908-1910)
Young Indy with tutor
Young Indy (1916-1920)
Young Indy with Remy

Young Indiana Jones

Young Indiana Jones is a television series based on the characters in the Indiana Jones feature films. The series follows Indiana Jones as he was growing up with the adventures he has with various historical people and events he encounters. For the 1908-1910 time period the 8-10 year old Young Indy traveled around the world with his parents and tutor. For the 1916-1920 time period the 16-21 year old Young Indy gets involved with wars other events. Sometimes he is accompanied by his friend Remy.

George Lucas's vision for the show was that while entertaining with Young Indy's adventures the audience would be exposed to information and ideas. They would then have the opportunity to explore more leading to an understanding of the larger world around them. The DVD format allowed him to include both the movies and interactive multimedia experiences.

The original production of the series was called The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and 28 episodes were produced. These episodes had bookends most of which had a 93 year old Indy setting the stage for the episodes. This was followed by a production of 4 made for cable movies which did not have bookends.

For release on video the episodes and movies were re-edited into 22 movies and re-labeled The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones. Some footage was removed including all of the bookends. Additional footage was filmed for the video release. For the DVD release companion historical documentaries were created each covering a historical topic connected to the corresponding story.