Young Indiana Jones Books


The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Adventure Novels (based on TV series)

These are a series of 8 books based on the television series. In addition to the story they contained photographs from the television show, an historical note chapter, and a to find out more chapter. All were published by Random House.

The Reader Level is a reflection of when the reader could read the book independently. The number before the decimal is the U.S. school grade and the number after the decimal is the months into the year (based on a 9 month school year). These were assigned by the publisher.

The Mummy's Curse

Novel TV-1 front cover
  • TV-1, 1992
  • Adapted by Megan Stine and H. William Stine.
  • Based on Egypt, May 1908 (Curse of the Jackal).
  • ISBN: 0-679-82774-9
  • Reader Level: 5.4
Front cover tagline:
Indy braves the wrath of the dead!
Back cover teaser intro:
Who dares disturb the peace of the mummy?
Young Indiana Jones, that's who! He's been to the pyramids, he's traveled up the Nile to the Valley of the Kings, and now he's ready to enter a newly found tomb. But what about the curse over the tomb door? It promises fiery death to intruders!
Indy survives, but the night guard isn't so lucky. His scorched body is discovered the next morning. Did the angry mummy exact its revenge? Or did someone alive and well have a motive for murder? Indy's determined to find out!

Field of Death

Novel TV-2 front cover
  • TV-2, 1992
  • Adapted by Les Martin.
  • Based on Verdun, September 1916.
  • ISBN: 0-679-82775-7
  • Reader Level: 5.0
Front cover tagline:
Indy's trapped in a wartime nightmare …
Back cover teaser intro:
Young Indiana Jones will do anything to be where the action is!
A new name, a new birth date, a new identity get him to France and right into the thick of World War I.
As Corporal Henri Defense, a Belgian courier, Indy carries messages between two different wars: The safe war at staff headquarters, where generals plan battles on the maps. And the real war in the trenches of Verdun, where soldiers die in appalling numbers.
Indy is horrified by what he sees. And he's desperate when he learns his wounded buddy, Remy, is being sent back to the trenches. How can he save Remy from certain death?

Safari Sleuth

Novel TV-3 front cover
  • TV-3, 1992
  • Adapted by A.L. Singer.
  • Based on British East Africa, September 1909.
  • ISBN: 0-679-82776-5
  • Reader Level: 5.5
Front cover tagline:
A mystery lures Indy into the wild!
Back cover teaser intro:
Indy stalks adventure!
Camping out in a tent in the African bush, being taught to shoot by ex-president Theodore Roosevelt, escaping a hungry lion, and eating fried wildebeest … What ten-year-old boy could ask for more?
Young Indiana Jones could! Sure, he's having a great time, but when he hears about the fringe-eared oryx — a rare breed of antelope that Roosevelt just can't seem to find — he's determined to track it down!
What Indy doesn't bargain for is the mystery surrounding the oryx, the danger involved in finding it, or just how far his search will take him …

The Secret Peace

Novel TV-4 front cover
  • TV-4, 1992
  • Adapted by William McCay.
  • Based on Austria, March 1917.
  • ISBN: 0-679-82777-3
  • Reader Level: 5.3
Front cover tagline:
Can Indy survive a mission to end the Great War?
Back cover teaser intro:
One tough job!
Wanted: Spy to cross enemy lines, escort two princes in disguise to Austrian emperor in Vienna.
Object: Obtain secret letter for French Prime Minister.
Goal: Early end to World War I.
Obstacles: Reckless traveling companions, enemy spies, secret police, ruthless kidnappers, etc.
Requirements: Speak French and German. Work and play well with others. Must be cunning, fast on feet, good driver. Strong nerves a definite plus.
Only one person can do this job: Young Indiana Jones!

Trek of Doom

Novel TV-5 front cover
  • TV-5, 1992
  • Adapted by Les Martin.
  • Based on German East Africa, December 1916.
  • ISBN: 0-679-83237-8
  • Reader Level: 5.3
Front cover tagline:
Indy's enemy is more deadly than bullets!
Back cover teaser intro:
Indy battles an invisible foe!
The chance to drive the Germans out of Africa sounds like a dream to Young Indiana Jones and his pal, Remy. Not only are they leaving the nightmare of the war in Europe, but they're suddenly officers. Their luck seems too good to be true … And it is!
Major Boucher, their commanding officer, is a stickler for discipline. And he can't stand Indy.
But when Indy's company goes on an expedition across the continent, the major is only part of the problem. Indy discovers a killer much more powerful than German gunfire. One by one the killer picks off its victims — black, white; officer, soldier; young, old. It takes many forms, but it adds up to one thing … disease!
Maybe Indy can survive Major Boucher, but what about the unseen killer?


Novel TV-6 front cover
  • TV-6, 1992
  • Adapted by Gavin Scott.
  • Based on Petrograd, July 1917.
  • ISBN: 0-679-83238-6
  • Reader Level: 5.3
Front cover tagline:
Russia's afire! Will Indy get burned?
Back cover teaser intro:
A good spy and a good friend — can Indy be both?
Young Indiana Jones is in Russia, where there's just been a revolution! The Russian people knocked the Czar off his throne. But now the Communists are threatening to take over. Will there be another revolution? When?
The French embassy has spies all over the place trying to find out. Indy's stuck in the embassy basement decoding their reports, but he's dying to be an agent himself. He'll do anything to see action!
His best chance is to pump his young Communist friends. Can Indy trick them into spilling the date of the uprising? Then he'll get the job he wants. He'll be a real spy! Maybe he can pull it off — but is he willing to betray his friends?

Race To Danger

Novel TV-7 front cover
  • TV-7, 1993
  • Adapted by Stephanie Calmenson.
  • Based on Princeton, February 1916.
  • ISBN: 0-679-84388-4
  • Reader Level: 4.7
Front cover tagline:
Indy's revving up to solve a mystery!'
Back cover teaser intro:
Is Indy on a collision course?
War is raging in Europe. Some Americans are worried, but in New Jersey, Young Indiana Jones's main concern is getting his date, Nancy, to the high school dance in style. Her dad says Indy can drive his snazzy foreign car. That is, if some genius can fix it!
The quest for help leads Indy and Nancy to Thomas Edison's laboratories — just as a daring crime occurs. Intruders make off with Edison's top-secret plans for war machines and for his pet project - an electric car battery. And that's not all! They've got his ace scientist as well. The crooks steer the police down a dead-end street, but Nancy and Indy aren't fooled. Still … their schemes to track down the bad guys could backfire.

Prisoner of War

Novel TV-8 front cover
  • TV-8, 1993
  • Adapted by Les Martin.
  • Based on The Somme, August 1916 and Germany, August 1916.
  • ISBN: 0-679-84389-2
  • Reader Level: 5.2
Front cover tagline:
Others have tried. And died. Can Indy escape?
Back cover teaser intro:
The Germans have Indy right where they want him — locked up!
It's World War I. Indy's been captured and marched off to a grim prison camp. He isn't behind the barbed wire long before he's caught trying to tunnel out. The Germans send him to their most dreaded prison of all — Dusterstadt. The ancient stone fortress is an island towering above the swirling waters of the Danube River. no one has ever escaped — and lived!
Indy's fellow prisoner is Captain Charles de Gaulle, a born leader and brilliant strategist. together they hatch a daring plan.
Will it bring freedom … or death?

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Novels (based on TV series)

These are 4 books based on the television series. In addition to the story they contained an historical note chapter. The books were first published by Fantail Films and TV Tie-in, and reissued by Puffin Books. They were printed in England.

The River of Death

The River of Death front cover
  • 1993, 1995
  • Adapted by Nicol Robinson
  • Based on German East Africa 1916 and Congo 1917
  • ISBN: 0-14-037834-0
Back cover excerpt:
Suddenly Indiana felt a sickening thud directly over his heart. He clasped his hand to his chest where the bullet had torn his shirt away.
Back cover teaser intro:
East Africa, 1916. Young Indiana Jones transfers from the front at Verdun to fight with the Belgians in Africa. The Great War has spread, bringing with it the chaos and fear that rack Europe. But here the German army has the upper hand and the Belgians desperately need new artillery to stave off defeat.
So Indy is despatched on a dangerous journey to obtain new supplies. He treks across arid plains, hacks through dense jungles and sails down disease-ridden rivers. For Indiana, however, this mission of war takes on a new meaning when he meets a man of peace.

The Day of Destiny

The Day of Destiny front cover
  • 1993, 1995
  • Adapted by Nicol Robinson
  • Based on Verdun, September 1916
  • ISBN: 0-14-037835-9
Back cover excerpt:
It has become a question of honour: The fort must be recaptured, whatever the cost.
Back cover teaser intro:
Verdun 1916. Young Indiana Jones enlists as a courier in the Belgian Army. He witnesses at first-hand the many horrors of modern warfare: the bravery and the squalid trenches of the infantry men, the outdated tactics and the rich lifestyle of the officers.
When Indy has to carry orders which will certainly mean many unnecessary deaths, he is faced with a stark choice. Does he disobey an order and face the consequences? Or does he deliver the order and watch his comrades die? For Indy, this is his Day of Destiny.

The Secret Treaty

The Secret Treaty front cover
  • 1993, 1995
  • Adapted by Nicol Robinson
  • Based on Austria 1917
  • ISBN: 0-14-090365-8
Back cover excerpt:
The stranger pulled a Luger pistol from his coat and jammed it into Indy's ribes. "Trust me," he said.
Back cover teaser intro:
Vienna 1917. A city of history, culture and treachery. Despatched by French Secret Service to Austria, Young Indiana Jones has a seemingly impossible mission — to end World War One.
As battles rage on the Western Front, Indy now becomes involved in a secret war for peace, but his new task has many dangers. There are those who would prefer the war to continue, not least German Intelligence, who will stop at nothing to prevent Indy from delivering his letter of hope.

The Rule of Russia

The Rule of Russia front cover
  • 1993, 1995
  • Adapted by Nicol Robinson
  • Based on Petrograd, July 1917
  • ISBN: 0-14-090366-6
Back cover excerpt:
"Our demands are simple," Lenin continued. "We want peace for our soldiers. We want bread for our workers. We want land for our peasants! Now!"
Back cover teaser intro:
Russia 1917. It's summer and revolution is in the air. After years of tyrannical rule, the Tsar has been overthrown. But who will control the chaos now the old order has gone? Young Indiana Jones is sent to Petrograd to find out.
As an 'adviser' to the French Embassy, it is Indy's duty to keep his commanders informed of all Bolshevik activities. However, as a good companion of leading communists, Sergei and Irena, Indy's friendship should prevail — but will it, when put to the test?

The Young Indiana Jones Adventure Novels (original stories)

These are a series of 15 books with original Young Indy stories. In addition to the story they contained an historical note chapter, and a to find out more chapter. All were published by Random House and starting with book 9 they also had the Bullseye Book trademark.

  1. Young Indiana Jones and the Plantation Treasure
    by William McCay, 1990
  2. Young Indiana Jones and the Tomb of Terror
    by Les Martin, 1990
  3. Young Indiana Jones and the Circle of Death
    by William McCay, 1990
  4. Young Indiana Jones and the Secret City
    by Les Martin, 1990
  5. Young Indiana Jones and the Princess of Peril
    by Les Martin, 1991
  6. Young Indiana Jones and the Gypsy Revenge
    by Les Martin, 1991
  7. Young Indiana Jones and the Ghostly Riders
    by William McCay, 1991
  8. Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Ruby Cross
    by William McCay, 1991
  9. Young Indiana Jones' Titantic Adventure
    by Les Martin, 1993
  10. Young Indiana Jones and the Lost Gold of Durango
    by Megan Stine and H. William Stine, 1993
  11. Young Indiana Jones and the Face of the Dragon
    by William McCay, 1994
  12. Young Indiana Jones and the Journey to the Underworld
    by Megan Stine and H. William Stine, 1994
  13. Young Indiana Jones and the Mountain of Fire
    by William McCay, 1994
  14. Young Indiana Jones and the Pirates' Loot
    by J.N. Fox, 1994
  15. Young Indiana Jones and the Eye of the Tiger
    by William McCay, 1995

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Novelizations

This was a series with only 1 book published. The book was published by Ballantine Books.

The Mata Hari Affair

The Mata Hari Affair front cover
  • Book One, 1992
  • Adapted by James Luceno.
  • Based on Paris, October 1916
  • ISBN: 0-345-38009-6
  • Written for a seven to nine grade level.
Front cover tagline:
At seventeen, Indiana Jones thirsted for adventure - but what he found in World War I Paris was beyond his wildest dreams …
Back cover teaser excerpt:
During World War I, the beautiful temptress Mata Hari was a dancer whose revealing costumes shocked all of Paris. When Indy met her on leave from his perilous frontline duties as a battlefield messenger, their attraction was instant. But Indy was to discover that Mata Hari hid a far darker self. This extraordinary woman was very possibly a German spy on a heartless mission to win the war for her country, at whatever cost to the Allies. Caught between passion and honor, young Indy would be forced to choose sides in a battle he could easily loose …

Story Books

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Choose Your Own Adventure Books

These are a series of 8 books based on the television series. The format of the books allow the reader at various points in the book to make choices of what to read next which results in different stories and endings. In addition to the story they contained a glossary chapter, and a suggested reading chapter. All were adapted by Richard Brightfield and published by Bantam Books between 1992 and 1993.

  1. The Valley of the Kings
    Based on Egypt, May 1908 (Curse of the Jackal)
  2. South of the Border
    Based on Mexico, March 1916 (Curse of the Jackal)
  3. Revolution In Russia
    Based on Petrograd, July 1917
  4. Masters of the Louvre
    Based on Paris, July 1908
  5. African Safari
    Based on British East Africa, September 1909
  6. Behind the Great Wall
    Based on Peking, March 1910
  7. The Roaring Twenties
    Based on Mystery of the Blues
  8. The Irish Rebellion
    Based on Ireland, April 1916

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Golden Books

These books were all published by Western Publishing Company.

The Mummy's Curse

The Mummy's Curse Golden Book front cover
  • A Golden Look-Look Book, 1992
  • Story adapted by Parker Smith
  • Illustrated by Isidre Mones
  • Based on Egypt, May 1908 (Curse of the Jackal)
  • Written for a first and second grade level
  • ISBN: 0-307-12689-7

Safari in Africa

Safari in Africa Golden Book front cover
  • A Golden Star Reader book, 1992
  • Story adapted by Sally Bell
  • Illustrated by Gonzalez Vincente
  • Based on British East Africa, September 1909
  • Designed with the skills of a second and third grade student in mind
  • ISBN: 0-307-11470-8
  • ISBN: 0-307-61470-0 (Library binding)

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Golden Activity Books

These were all published by Western Publishing Company.

  • Perilous Puzzles
    A Golden Book, 1992
    It is a collection of puzzles (crossword, find the words, maze, decipher the code, etc) and also contains photos from the TV show.
  • Color/Activity Book
    A Golden Book, 1992
    It has artwork line drawings of things in the TV show's stories to color as well as a few puzzles.
  • Sticker Fun
    A Golden Book, 1992
    It has precut stickers to lick, stick and color of things relating the TV show's stories.
  • Young Indiana Jones Chronicles poster book
    A Golden Book, 1992
    This folds out into a 22" x 34" poster. The other side has a short series summery, George Lucas article, and meet Corey Carrier and Sean Patrick Flanery articles. There are also smaller pictures.


This magazine was intended to be a quarterly magazine but only one issue was published. It was published by Welsh Publishing Group.

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles magazine front cover
  • Premiere Issue, Summer 1992
  • Bar code: 0-71486-02640-2
  • 32 pages

Destinations - Map of Contents

  • Editor's Diary
  • Dig It: Here's the scoop on a cool car museum, chocolate bars that beat the heat, and a cat called Indy.
  • The Source: How did the ancient Egyptians make mummies? Why do certain African tribes paint their faces? Archaeologist Glenn Stone, Ph.D., reveals all.
  • Headliners: The true story behind the heroes of history features on The Chronicles. Meet the real Pablo Picasso, Theodore Roosevelt, Sylvia Pankhurst, and Albert Schweitzer.
  • Curse of the Pharaohs: Legend has it that almost everyone who dug up King Tut's Tomb died under mysterious circumstances. We explore the facts and the fiction.
  • Pullout: For your wall only—Sean Patrick Flanery.
  • Young Indiana Comic: Indy busts a ring of German spies on a Mexican steamer.
  • The Many Faces of Indy: Conversations with Sean Patrick Flanery, Corey Carrier, and George Hall—all the Indys of the Chronicles.
  • Indy in China—The Runaway Adventure: Young Indy rescues a Chinese teenager from her wedding.

Additional Sections

  • Snapshots: London yesterday and today.
  • Hidden Hieroglyphs [a puzzle to solve]

Informational Books

  • The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, On the Set and Behind the Scenes
    by Dan Madsen, 90 pages
    Bantam Books, April 1992, ISBN 0-553-37006-5
  • George Lucas - The Creative Impulse
    by Charles Champlin, pages 162-167
    1992, ISBN 0-8109-3563-3
  • George Lucas - The Creative Impulse [revised and updated edition]
    by Charles Champlin, pages 160-169
    1992,1997 ISBN 0-8109-3580-5
  • From Star Wars To Indiana Jones - The Best of the Lucasfilm Archives
    by Mark Cotta Vaz and Shinji Hata
    1994, ISBN 0-8118-0972-2

Unpublished Books

These books appear to never have been published.

  • Young Indiana Jones and the Mask of the Madman
    by Megan Stine and H. William Stine, 1996
  • Young Indiana Jones and the Ring of Power
    Random House, June 1998, ISBN 0-6798-9049-1
    A Stepping Stone Book
  • Lost Diaries of Young Indiana Jones
    by Eric D. Weiner, 1994

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