Young Indiana Jones Production Crew

This summarizes their activities through 2000. For more on them since then check the Internet Movie Database links. Dates of death when known are listed.


Rick McCallum

His credits include the award-winning BBC series *The Singing Detective* and such films as *Pennies From Heaven* (1981), *Dream Child* (1985), *Castaway* (1987), *Track 29* (1988), and *Strapless* (1989).

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Joel McNeely

Joel McNeely

Born in Madison, Wisconsin. He attended the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan, studied Jazz at the University of Miami, and earned a masters degree at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. After graduating he went to Los Angeles where he has worked as a composer for film and television. He has also conducted orchestras, and has produced and arranged songs for artists. His awards include a number of Emmy nominations and awards including those for Young Indy.

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Laurence Rosenthal

Laurence Rosenthal

Born in Detroit, Michigan. He studied at the Eastman School of Music and later with Nadia Boulanger. His symphonic compositions have been premiered by Leonard Bernstein with the New York Philharmonic, and Erich Leinsdorf with the Rochester Philharmonic. He has been nominated for two Oscars. He has won six Emmys which besides those for Young Indy include the miniseries *Peter the Great* and *Anastasia*.

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Frank Darabont

Born in France but grew up in southern California. Some of his credits include co-writer of *A Nightmare on Elm Street 3* (1987), *The Blob* (1988), and *The Fly II* (1989). He wrote episodes of *Tales from the Crypt*, *Two-Fisted Tales*, and the TV movie *Black Cat Run* (1998).

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Carrie Fisher

Actress probably best known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies. She also wrote the book and screenplay of *Postcards from the Edge*.

She passed away on December 27, 2016 at age 60.

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Jonathan Hales

British writer whose credits include *The Mirror Crack'd* (1980) and *Loophole* (1981).

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Jonathan Hensleigh

He was a Wall Street lawyer for six years before pursuing a career in writing. His writing/screenplay credits include *A Far Off Place* (1993), *Jumanji* (1995), *Die Hard with a Vengeance* (1995), *The Saint* (1997), and *Armageddon* (1998).

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Matthew Jacobs

Writer and director whose best-known credit is the feature film *Paperhouse*. He directed the award-winning short film *Vardo*. He also wrote the 1996 Doctor Who movie starring Paul McGann as the Doctor.

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Gavin Scott

His credits include the movies *The Borrowers* (1997) and *Small Soldiers* (1998). He also did the teleplay for an episode of the *Space Rangers* TV show.

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Jule Selbo

A screen, stage, television, and short story writer, her most notable feature film is *Hard Promises* (1991). Some of the TV shows she wrote for include *Tales from the Darkside*, *Monsters*, *The Flash* (1990s version), and *Touched by a Angel*.

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Rosemary Anne Sisson

A British novelist a few of whose screen credits include *Ride a Wild Pony* (1976), *Candleshoe* (1977), *The Littlest Horse Thieves* (1977), and *The Watcher in the Woods* (1980). She also wrote episodes for the TV series *The Duchess of Duke Street*, *Upstairs, Downstairs*, *The Bretts*, *Wind In the Willows*, and *Manions of America*.

She passed away on July 28, 2017 at age 93.

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Vic Armstrong - England

He was stunt coordinator on *Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom* (1984), *Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade* (1989), *Total Recall* (1990), and *Terminator 2* (1992).

Bille August - Sweden

Dutch by birth but now living in Sweden, his directing credits include *Pelle the Conqueror* (1988) and Ingmar Bergman's *Best Intentions* (1992), which won the Palme D'Or award at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival.

David Hare - England

His directing credits include *Strapless* (1989). He also was a writer of *Plenty* (1985), and *Damage* (1992).

Joe Johnston - United States

His directing credits include *Honey, I Shrunk the Kids* (1989), *The Rocketeer* (1991), *Jumanji* (1995), and *October Sky* (1999).

Terry Jones - England

His directing credits include *Life of Brian* (1979), *Monty Python's the Meaning of Life* (1983), *Personal Services* (1987), and *Erik the Viking* (1989).

Gillies MacKinnon - England

His film work includes *Playboys* (1992) and *A Simple Twist of Fate* (1994). He also directed two episodes of the *Screen Two" TV series.

Rene Manzor - France

He grew up in Argentina. His credits include *The Passage* (1986) and *Game Over* [36.15 code Pere Noel] (1989).

Deepa Mehta - Canada

Originally from India, her directing credits include *Sam and Me* (1991) and *Camilla* (1994).

Gavin Millar - England

His directing credits include *Dreamchild* (1985), numerous TV movies and episodes of many TV shows.

Mike Newell - England

Director of *Dance With a Stranger* (1985), *Amazing Grace and Chuck* (1987), *Enchanted April* (1991), *Into the West* (1992), *Four Weddings and a Funeral* (1994), among other films. He also directed many TV movies and episodes of numerous TV shows.

Jim O'Brien - England

Born in Scotland but his family moved to South London when he was two. His directing credits include the TV series *Jewel In the Crown* and *The Monocled Mutineer*.

He passed away on February 13, 2012 at age 64.

Nicholas Roeg - England

Some of his credits include work on *The Masque of the Red Death* (1964), *Performance* (1968), *Walkabout* (1971), *Don't Look Now* (1973), *The Man Who Fell to Earth* (1976), *Bad Timing: A Sensual Obsession* (1980), *Eureka* (1983), *Insignificance* (1985), *Castaway* (1987), *Track 29* (1988), *Aria* (1988), and *The Witches* (1990).

He passed away on November 23, 2018 at age 90.

Carl Schultz - Australia

Born in Hungry and lives in Australia. A few of his credits include *Blue Fin* (1978), *Goodbye Paradise* (1983), *Careful He Might Hear You* (1983), *Bull's Eye* (1987), *Traveling North* (1987), and *The Seventh Sign* (1988).

Simon Wincer - Australia

Some of his works include *Snapshot* (1979), *Harlequin* (1980), *Phar Lap* (1983), *D.A.R.Y.L.* (1985), *Light Horsemen* (1987), *Quigley Down Under* (1990), and *Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man* (1991). He also directed episodes of *Lonesome Dove* and many other TV series.

Dick Maas - Dutch

His films include *De Lift* [The Lift] (1983), *Flodder* (1986) and *Flodder in Amerika* (1992).

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