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Magazine articles

American Cinematographer

  • Volume 73, Number 10, October 1992
    • article title: Digital Derring-Do and More:The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
      contents sub-title: Weekly series stretches traditional TV boundaries
      by Paula Parisi pages 41-48
    • section: Production Slate
      title: Ampex does Indiana
      [content gives glimpse into the sound workings]
      compiled by Marji Rhea, page 20
    • article title: Excellence Over the Airwaves
      [content covers the 1992 Emmy nominations for cinematography]
      by Stephen Pizzello, pages 65-66 [Young Indy info]

TV Guide

  • Volume 40, Number 9, February 29, 1992
    article title: Indiana Jones and Me
    by George Lucas, pages 2-5
  • Volume 40, Number 13, March 28, 1992
    The Couch Critic: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
    by Jeff Jarvis, page 5

The Lucasfilm Fan Club

  • Issue #15
    contents listing: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Behind-The-Scenes
    article title: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
    by Dan Madsen, pages 2-5
  • Issue #16
    • article title: Young Indy Renewed For Second Season!
      page 1
    • cover listing: Sean Patrick Flanery - Young Indy Speaks!
      article title: Sean Patrick Flanery - The Further Adventures of Young Indiana Jones
      by Dan Madsen, pages 2-4
    • article title: Uncovering the History behind Young Indy
      by Dan Madsen, pages 6-8


  • Volume 22, Number 6, June 1992
    contents listing: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
    article title: Raider of Television's Riches, Young Indiana Jones
    by Mark Dawidziak, pages 30-31


  • Number 147, October 1989
    contents listing: Young Indiana Jones [River Phoenix]
    article title: A Hero By Any Other Age
    by Dan Yakir, pages 17-19
  • Number 178, May 1992
    contents listing: Raiders of the Lost Art
    article title: Chronicling the Young Indiana Jones
    by Bill Warren, pages 52-55+
  • Number 183, October 1992
    contents listing: Youngest Indiana Jones
    article title: Young Indy & the First Crusades
    by Ian Spelling, pages 33-36
  • Number 185, December 1992
    contents listing: The Oldest Indiana Jones
    article title: The Old Indiana Jones Chronicles
    by Lynne Stephens, pages 45-48+
  • Number 191, June 1993
    contents listing: George Lucas Speaks!
    article title: Life With Indy
    by Ian Spelling, pages 46-49


  • Number 54, May 1993
    article title: Video Beat: Chronicling Young Indy
    by Chris Manson, pages 77-78


  • Issues #37-#39, December 1993-February 1994
    contents listing: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
    review by Rich Drees

TV Zone

  • Issue 52, March 1994
    article title: Sean Patrick Flanery's Indiana Jones
    by Stephen Applebaum, pages 15-17
  • Issue 62, January 1995
    article title: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Seasons 1 & 2
    by Edwin Yau, pages 45-49
  • Special 24, March 1997
    article title: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Season 3
    by Edwin Yau, pages 50-53

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