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The Avengers Episode Guide

Emma Peel and John Steed

Revision date: April 15, 1995

Compiled by Loren Heisey

Series notes

Show type: Spy Drama

Original run of show in the U.S.
Jan 91 to Mar 91 Season 2 on A&E cable channel
Mar 91 to Apr 91 Season 3 on A&E cable channel
Mar 66 to Sep 66 Season 4 on ABC
Jan 67 to Mar 68 Season 5 on ABC
Apr 68 to Apr 69 Season 6 on ABC

Opening narration for the black and white Diana Rigg episodes:

"Extraordinary crimes against the people and the State have to be avenged by agents extraordinary. Two such people are John Steed, top professional, and his partner Emma Peel, talented amateur -- otherwise known as the Avengers."

Guide notes

  • Information is not listed for season 1 since most of the episodes of it have been lost.
  • A guide and lots of information on the show can be found in the book "The Complete Avengers" by Dave Rogers.
  • The episodes within each season are listed in the order first shown on A&E and numbered in the order listed in Roger's book.
  • Most synopses come from the A&E Program Guide.
  • A&E never ran "The Golden Fleece" episode but it was later shown by the Encore Mystery cable channel.


Patrick Macnee John Steed season 1-6
Honor Blackman Catherine Gale season 2-3
Diana Rigg Mrs. Emma Peel season 4-5
Linda Thorson Tara King season 6
Ian Hendry Dr. David Keel season 1-3
Jon Rollason Dr. Martin King season 2
Patrick Newell Mother season 6


Season 2 - Honor Blackman

1 Mr. Teddy Bear
A contract is put out on Steed's life - by his own partner, Catherine Gale!

2 Propellant 23
A new rocket fuel is detoured into the hands of enemy agents.

3 The Decapod
Steed squares off against a ten limbed squid out to squash a foreign President.

4 Bullseye
Cathy joins the board of a firm specializing in murder and smuggling.

5 Mission to Montreal
Steed tracks down a group of spies aboard a luxury liner.

6 The Removal Men
A gang of hired killers recruit a new gunman- Steed!

7 The Mauritius Penny
A rare stamp holds the key to a radical group trying to take over the world.

8 Death of a Great Dane
The fortune of an ailing philanthropist is being mysteriously stolen.

9 The Sell-Out
Steed's standing as a #1 agent is threatened when he's fingered as an informer.

10 Death on the Rocks
Steed joins the Diamond trade to try and nab a gang of smugglers.

11 Traitor in Zebra
The Avengers trackdown a traitor who's selling Navy secrets to the enemy.

12 The Big Thinker
A brilliant mathmetician helps solve a complex computer mystery.

13 Death Dispatch
The murder of a courier leads Steed to a crooked politcian and a plot to overthrow the South American government.

14 Dead on Course
The victims of asuspicious air crashfind refuge ...and murder... in a convent.

15 Intercrime
Cathy takes a job as an assassin...and is assigned to kill Steed.

16 Immortal Clay
Everyone is trying to get their hands on an unbreakable clay cup...including Steed.

17 Box of Tricks
A magician's vanishing act leads to the disappear- ance of NATO secrets.

18 Warlock
That old black magic casts a spell on a scientist with a secret fuel formula.

19 The Golden Eggs
The Avengers crack the case of two ordinary eggs with the power to unleash a deadly virus.

20 School for Traitors
Venus gets a crash course on blackmail and murder during a University gig.

21 The White Dwarf
An astronomer is murdered before he can reveal the truth about a deadly star.

22 Man in the Mirror
A band of murderous traitors spoil the fun and games at a carnival.

23 Conspiracy of Silence
The mob isn't joking when they send a killer clown to murder Steed.

24 A Chorus of Frogs
The murder of a deep-sea diver immerses Steed in a secret scientific experiment.

25 Six Hands Across A Table
Plans to build a nuclear powered liner launches an unfriendly bid for a major shipping firm.

26 Killer Whale
A boxing gym is used as a front for deadly smugglers.

Season 3 - Honor Blackman

1 Brief for Murder
Cathy is targeted for murder...and the assassin is Steed!

2 The Undertakers
Death pays big dividends for a group of greedy millionaires.

3 Man with Two Shadows
Is Cathy seeing double or are there two Steeds running around?

4 The Nutshell
A roll of missing microfilm could launch WWIII.

5 Death of a Batman
A scatterbrained heiress becomes the target of devious forgers.

6 November Five
The theft of a nuclear warhead points to corruption inside the government.

7 The Gilded Cage
Cathy masterminds a deadly heist to steal millions in gold.

8 Second Sight
A pair of eye corneas are used as a cover up for a diamond smuggling scheme.

9 The Medicine Men
A cosmetics company is used as a coverup for a plot to discredit the British government.

10 The Grandeur that was Rome
A power-crazed psychotic masterminds a plot to spread blubonic plague.

11 The Golden Fleece
An international gold-smuggler uses a Chinese restaurant as a cover.

12 Don't Look Behind You
Inside an abandoned estate, Cathy is menaced by an unseen murderer.

13 Death a la Carte
The power-hungry aide of a visiting dignitary cooks up a plan to murder his boss.

14 Dressed to Kill
Murder rings in the new year at a fancy costume party.

15 The White Elephant
A stolen elephant leads the Avengers on the trail of ivory smugglers.

16 The Little Wonders
Steed trades in his bowlers hat for a vicar's collar as he tries to bust a gang of spies.

17 The Wringer
Six agents are dead...and Steed is the chief suspect.

18 Mandrake
Steed suspects foul play when wealthy old men begin dropping off like flies.

19 The Secrets Broker
A barrel of wine holds the key to a deadly plan to steal military secrets.

20 Trojan Horse
Murder at the racetrack has Steed tracking down the leader of a betting syndicate.

21 Build A Better Mousetrap
Cathy joins a motorcycle gang to investigate a murder.

22 The Outside-In Man
Steed is put in charge of security arrange- ments for a former British traitor.

23 The Charmers
A puzzling murder forces Steed to cooperate with an enemy organization.

24 Concerto
A peace concert by Russia's premiere pianist is threatened by an assasination plot.

25 Esprit de Corps
Cathy is caught in the middle of a deadly struggle for the Scottish throne.

26 Lobster Quadrille
Steed and Cathy play a dangerous game as they try to solve the riddle of a mysterious chess piece.

Season 4 - Diana Rigg (BW)

1 The Town of No Return
Small town hospitality turns deadly for the avengers.

2 The Gravediggers
Steed and Mrs. Peel investigate deadly doings at a village cemetary.

3 The Cybernauts
Emma and Steed track down a superhuman killer who may not be a human at all!

4 Death at Bargain Prices
A mad industrialist puts the British empire in peril.

5 Castle De'ath
A ghost hunt in a Scottish castle uncovers a group of deadly humans.

6 The Master Minds
Steed becomes target practice for a society of intellectual killers.

7 The Murder Market
Steed makes a date with murder when he investigates a dating service.

8 A Surfeit of H2O
The Avengers try to foil a diabolical rainmaker.

9 The Hour That Never Was
A farewell party may be the final farewell for the Avengers.

10 Dial a Deadly Number
A greedy stockbroker corners the market on murder.

11 Man-Eater of Surrey Green
The Avengers battle a mean, green man-eating plant.

12 Two's A Crowd
Steed's exact double causes double trouble for the avengers.

13 Too Many Christmas Trees
Mindreaders turn Steed's nightmares into reality.

14 Silent Dust
The British Empire is in peril when a government experiment goes haywire.

15 Room Without A View
The Avengers check in for trouble at a mysterious hotel.

16 Small Game for Big Hunters
The Avengers come under the deadly spell of a fanatical professor.

17 The Girl From Auntie
Mrs. Peel is held captive by a "knitting- needle" killer.

18 The Thirteenth Hole
Steed is pitted against killers in a deadly game of golf.

19 Quick-Quick Slow Death
The Avengers two step around trouble at a suspicious dance academy.

20 The Danger Makers
Emma joins a secret society that lures agents to their deaths.

21 A Touch of Brimstone
The Avengers investigate the deadly pranks of the Hellfire Club.

22 What the Butler Saw
A dead butler holds the key to uncovering a traitor inside the government.

23 The House That Jack Built
A suspicious legacy leads Emma inside a deadly mechanical house.

24 A Sense of History
The Avengers battle a deranged band of "merrie men" at a costume ball.

25 How to Succeed... at Murder
Emma learns the ABC's of murder at a school for man-haters.

26 Honey For the Prince
Emma becomes the Number 1 wife in a Prince's harum!

Season 5 - Diana Rigg (color)

1 From Venus With Love
The Avengers put the zap on a lethal ray that is murdering scientists.

2 The Fear Merchants
A cut throat businessman gains the competitive edge by murdering his rivals.

3 Esacpe in Time
A time machine sends Steed and Mrs. Peel into the Tudor past.

4 The See-Through Man
Steed and Mrs. Peel battle an invisible man.

5 The Bird Who Knew Too Much
A flock of birds leads the Avengers to a secret espionage ring.

6 The Winged Avenger
Steed and Mrs. Peel try to trap a comic book killer.

7 The Living Dead
The "ghost" of a dead Duke comes back to haunt his successor.

8 The Hidden Tiger
Evil animal lovers devise a purr-fect plan to take over the world.

9 The Correct Way to Kill
Something evil is afoot at a gentleman's academy.

10 Never, Never Say Die
A wandering corpse leads the avengers into top secret terror.

11 Epic
Emma plays the starring role in a film about her life ... and death!

12 The Superlative Seven
Steed is deserted on an island with a mystery killer.

13 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station
The Avengers investigate murder aboard a train.

14 Something Nasty in the Nursery
A school for Nannies is linked to stolen defense contracts.

15 The Joker
An old enemy lures Emma to a deserted house for a deadly game of cards.

16 Who's Who ???
A double switch turns Emma and Steed into enemy agents.

17 Return of the Cybernauts
Killer robots target Emma and Steed for death.

18 Death's Door
The deadly dreams of top British delegates begin to come true.

19 The [lb]50,000 Breakfast
A reclusive industrialist is hounded by diamond thieves.

20 Dead Man's Treasure
Emma is behind the wheel for a deadly car race.

21 You Have Just Been Murdered
A mock murder leads the Avengers to a gang of blackmailers.

22 The Positive Negative Man
The Avengers investigate the shocking murder of an electronics wiz.

23 Murdersville
A town of assassins put out a deadly welcome mat for the Avengers.

24 Mission ...Highly Improbable
A ray gun turns Steed and Mrs. Peel into miniatures.

25 The Forget-Me-Knot
A traitor infiltrates the organization.

Season 6 - Linda Thorson

1 Game
Steed and Tara put together the pieces of a deadly game.

2 Super Secret Cypher Snatch
A gang of thieves devise an ingenious plot to snatch government secrets.

3 You'll Catch Your Death
A cure for the common cold is mysteriously killing research doctors.

4 Split!
A mind-altering experiment turns Steed's colleagues into enemies.

5 Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40?
A computer "murder" leads to chaos.

6 False Witness
A glass of milk proves hazardous to Steed's health!

7 All Done With Mirrors
A security leak leads to house arrest for Steed.

8 Legacy of Death
An ancient dagger holds the key to a secret treasure.

9 Noon-Doomsday
While recovering from an injury, Steed is accosted by an old enemy.

10 Look-(stop me if you've heard this one) But There Were These Two Fellers...
No one is laughing when killer clowns murder a land developer.

11 Have Guns-Will Haggle
A cache of top-secret guns is the main draw in a bizarre auction.

12 They Keep Killing Steed
A rash of "Steed" imposters cause havoc at a peace conference.

13 The Interrogators
Enemy agents turn a dentist's office into a torture chamber for extracting secrets.

14 The Rotters
A timber industrialist uses secret research to try and take over world.

15 Invasion of the Earthmen
A military academy trains a ruthless breed of teenage space travelers.

16 Killer
Steed keys into a computer programmed for murder.

17 The Morning After
Steed teams up with an enemy agent to save England from nuclear annihilation.

18 The Curious Case of the Countless Clues
Steed's friend is framed for the theft of priceless paintings.

19 Wish You Were Here
Steed and Tara are held prisoners in a booby trapped hotel.

20 Stay Tuned
Enemy agents have a hypnotic effect on Steed as they program him to kill Mother.

21 Take Me To Your Leader
A briefcase holding secret information proves a tough case for the Avengers.

22 Fog
A modern day Jack the Ripper cuts up the delegates of a disarmament conference.

23 Homicide and Old Lace
Mother reminisces about The Great, Great Britain Crime case.

24 Love All
Love proves lethal for four civil servants being brainwashed by enemy forces.

25 Get-A-Way!
Captured Russian agents devise an ingenious vanishing act that leaves Steed stumped.

26 Thingumajig
A high-voltage killer shocks its victims to death in a church catacomb.

27 Pandora
Two brothers lure Tara into a deadly plot to steal a fortune from their insane Uncle Gregory.

28 Requiem
It looks as if Mother has met his maker...but things aren't always what they seem!

29 Take-Over
With the simple flick of a lighter, a peace conference could go up in smoke.

31 My Wildest Dream
An evil doctor programs people to act out their violent fantasies.

30 Who Was That Man I Saw You With?
Steed delivers a knockout blow to an evil mastermind planning to blowup England.

32 Bizarre
Steed and Tara dig for clues in the suspicious deaths of crooked industrialists.

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