The Fugitive

[Fugitive cast]

Revision date: July 2, 1999

Compiled by Loren Heisey


Series notes

Show type: Drama
Original run of show: September 17, 1963 to August 29, 1967 on ABC

Guide notes

Episodes are listed in the original broadcast order. Synopses come from the A&E Program Guide.

A guide and lots of information on the show can be found in the book "The Fugitive Recaptured: the 30th Anniversay Companion to the Television Classic", by Ed Robertson, introduction by Steven King, forward by Barry Morse, Pomegranate Press Ltd, ISBN 0928817-34-5.



David Janssen      Dr. Richard Kimble
Barry Morse        Lt. Philip Gerard
Jacqueline Scott   Donna Taft
Bill Raisch        the One-Armed Man
William Conrad     narrator


First season

  1. Fear in a Desert City - Kimble is an innocent man accused of murdering
     his wife.
  2. The Witch - Vicious child's play could cost Kimble his life.
  3. The Other Side of the Mountain - Kimble teams up with a young girl
     (Sandy Dennis) in a dangerous mountain trek.
  4. Never Wave Goodbye-part 1 - Kimble tries to hook the one-armed man
     in Los Angeles.
  5. Never Wave Goodbye-part 2 - A match is the only thing standing
     between Kimble and permanent freedom.
  6. Decision in the Ring - Kimble lands center ring when he gets involved
     with an ailing boxer. Ruby Dee co-stars.
  7. Smoke Screen - A forest fire turns up the heat for Kimble.
  8. See Hollywood and Die - Kimble is taken hostage by two trigger happy
  9. Ticket to Alaska - Kimble is aboard a luxury liner for murder on the
     high seas.
 10. Fatso - Kimble finds friendship on the run with a kind rancher (Jack
 11. Nightmare At Northoak - Kimble's heroics during a school bus accident
     may cost him his freedom. 
 12. Glass Tightrope - The wrong man is accused of murder and only Kimble
     can clear him.
 13. Terror at High Point - A construction boss (Jack Klugman) tries to
     patch up his marriage with Kimble's help.
 14. The Girl From Little Egypt - A freak automobile accident puts Kimble's
     secret in jeopardy.
 15. Home Is The Hunted - Old family loyalties could mean the end for
 16. Garden House - The stakes are high for Kimble when a family fortune
     is on the line.
 17. Come Watch Me Die - In a curious case of role reversal, Kimble becomes
     a lawman.
 18. Where the Action Is - Kimble becomes a pawn in the feud between a 
     tyrannical hotel owner (Telly Savalas) and his daughter.
 19. Search In a Windy City - Kimble heads to the Windy City for a blow
     out with the one-armed man.
 20. Bloodline - A terrible family secret puts Kimble's freedom on the
 21. Rat In a Corner - A two-bit thug (Warren Oates) puts the stranglehold
     on Kimble.
 22. Angels Travel on Lonely Roads-part 1 - Divine intervention saves
     Kimble from capture.
 23. Angels Travel on Lonely Roads-part 2 - Kimble and a kind nun gamble
     on his freedom.
 24. Flight From the Final Demon - A righteous sheriff (Carroll O'Connor)
     has a long memory for faces.
 25. Taps For a Dead War - Kimble's army past comes back to haunt him.
 26. Somebody to Remember - Kimble concocts a daring scheme to throw Lt.
     Gerard off his trail..for good!
 27. Never Stop Running - Kimble is faced with trying to save a
     kidnapped boy who has been hurt.
 28. The Homecoming - Kimble is caught in a bitter family struggle. Gloria
     Grahame and Shirley Knight co-star.
 29. Storm Center - Kimble weathers a hurricane to avoid capture.
 30. The End Game - Lt. Gerard moves in for a picture perfect arrest.

Second season

 31. Man In A Chariot - A law professor (Ed Begley) stages a mock trial
     to prove Kimble's innocence.
 32. World's End - An old friend (Suzanne Pleshette) carries a torch for
     Kimble. Dabney Coleman co-stars.
 33. Man On A String - Kimble becomes the star witness at a young girl's
 34. When The Bough Breaks - Kimble teams up with a mysterious woman and
     her young child.
 35. Nemesis - Kimble lands in perilous waters with a vindictive sheriff.
     Co-starring Kurt Russell and Slim Pickens.
 36. Tiger Left, Tiger Right - A case of mistaken identity puts Kimble in
     the hands of kidnappers. Leslie Nielsen co-stars.
 37. Tug of War - A wily old sheriff is hot on the trail of Kimble.
 38. Dark Corner - A blind girl (Tuesday Weld) traps Kimble in her dark,
     sinister world.
 39. Escape Into Black - Kimble becomes a victim of amnesia.
 40. The Cage - Kimble is held captive by the Bubonic plague.
 41. Cry Uncle - Kimble finds himself on the run with three orphans.
 42. Detour On A Road Going Nowhere - A road washout leads Kimble to a
     dead end...where the police await.
 43. The Iron Maiden - Kimble becomes a sitting duck when he's trapped
     underground after a mine explosion.
 44. Devil's Carnival - Kimble hitches a ride with a criminal (Warren
     Oates) and runs headlong into trouble.
 45. Ballad For A Ghost - Kimble becomes obsessed by a woman who's the
     splitting image of his dead wife.
 46. Brass Ring - Kimble becomes the ideal dupe for a couple of thieves.
 47. The End Is But The Beginning - Kimble's problems seem to go up in
     smoke after a fatal crash.
 48. Nicest Fella You'd Ever Want To Meet - A small town jail becomes a
     chamber of terror for Kimble. Pat Hingle, Dabney Coleman and Tom
     Skerritt co-star.
 49. Fun and Games and Party Favors - Kimble falls victim to adolescent
 50. Scapegoat - An innocent man is accused of murder and the victim is
     supposedly Kimble!
 51. Corner of Hell - When Lt. Gerard receives a "death sentence"...only
     Kimble can save him. Bruce Dern co-stars.
 52. Moon Child - Vigilantes set out in pursuit of Kimble.
 53. The Survivors - Trouble sends Kimble back into the family fold.
 54. Everybody Gets Hit In The Mouth Sometime - Kimble interferes in an
     adulterous affair...and nearly blows his cover.
 55. May God Have Mercy - A bitter couple point the finger at Kimble.
 56. Masquerade - In a curious switch, Kimble finds himself protected by
     the police.
 57. Runner in the Dark - Kimble takes shelter in a home for the blind.
 58. A.P.B. - A boxcar escape puts Kimble in the hands of three desperate
 59. The Old Man Picked A Lemon - Kimble lands in the middle of a bitter
     family feud.
 60. Last Second Of A Big Dream - Wild times await Kimble as he joins an
     animal circus.

Third season

 61. Wings of An Angel - Kimble falls into the clutches of a blackmailer.
 62. Middle of A Heat Wave - A young woman is beaten...and the evidence
     points to Kimble.
 63. Crack In A Crystal Ball - A seedy mind reader conjures up trouble
     for Kimble.
 64. Trial By Fire - A witness to murder by the one-armed man comes
     forward on Kimble's behalf.
 65. Conspiracy of Silence - A swank country club is a front for a top
     secret project...and Kimble is in the middle.
 66. Three Cheers For Little Boy Blue - Kimble stumbles across a murder
     in the making.
 67. All The Scared Rabbits - A family kidnapping puts a case of
     meningitis in motion.
 68. An Apple A Day - A doctor's wife puts the moves on a reluctant
 69. Landscape With Running Figures-part 1 - A twist of fate puts Kimble
     on the same bus with Lt. Gerard's wife!
 70. Landscape With Running Figures-part 2 - It's Kimble to the rescue
     when Lt. Gerard's wife is injured.
 71. Set Fire To A Straw Man - A troubled young woman puts Kimble's
     freedom at stake.
 72. The Stranger in the Mirror - Kimble lands a job with a suspicious
 73. The Good Guys and The Bad Guys - Kimble finds himself incarcerated
     in a mock western jail.
 74. The End of The Line - Kimble mistakenly hitches a ride to the
     state penitentiary!
 75. When the Wind Blows - A romantic rivalry spells trouble for Kimble.
 76. Not With A Wimper - A visit to his former mentor puts Kimble in
     the hands of a madman.
 77. Wife Killer - The one-armed man is caught in a police dragnet.
 78. This'll Kill You - A comic-turned-bookmaker (Mickey Rooney) draws
     Kimble into his illegal scheme.
 79. Echo of A Nightmare - A beautiful roving reporter sets her sights
     on Kimble.
 80. Stroke of Genius - Tragedy strikes when Kimble hitches a ride with
     two clergymen.
 81. Shadow of The Swan - A woman's desire could lead to Kimble's
 82. Running Scared - Kimble risks his life to visit his sister.
 83. The Chinese Sunset - A bookie's girl spells trouble for Kimble.
 84. Ill Wind - A hurricane puts Lt. Gerard under Kimble's care.
 85. With Strings Attached - Kimble becomes embroiled in the scheme of
     a teenage violin virtuoso.
 86. The White Knight - Kimble finds himself in the middle of an ambitious
     politician's publicity campaign.
 87. The 2103 - A computer whiz plots Kimble's capture.
 88. A Taste of Tomorrow - Kimble tries to stop an escaped prisoner from
     gunning down the man who framed him.
 89. In A Plain Paper Wrapper - A group of teenagers plans to capture
 90. Coralee - The death of a diver puts Kimble in troubled water.

Fourth season

 91. The Last Oasis - A wounded Kimble finds refuge in an Indian school...
     but not for long!
 92. Death Is The Door Prize - Kimble risks his life trying to save an
     innocent man from a murder rap.
 93. A Clean and Quiet Town - The one-armed man sets two corrupt cops on
     Kimble's trail.
 94. The Sharp Edge of Chivalry - Kimble becomes the chief suspect in the
     murder of a young girl.
 95. Ten Thousand Pieces of Silver - A newspaper puts a bounty on Kimble's
 96. Joshua's Kingdom - Kimble gets involved with an unwed mother and her
     deathly ill baby.
 97. Second Sight - Blinded by an explosion, Kimble escapes into a world of
 98. Wine Is A Traitor - An ambush puts Kimble in the hands of the police.
 99. Approach With Care - Trouble shadows Kimble when he befriends a
     retarded runaway youth.
100. Nobody Loses All The Time - The one-armed man escapes as Kimble tries
     to save his girl-friend's life.
101. Right in The Middle of The Season - Kimble runs afoul of a striking
102. The Devil's Disciples - Kimble is set up as the fall guy by a
     murderous motorcycle gang.
103. The Blessings of Liberty - Kimble moves in with a doctor who's also
     on the run.
104. The Evil Men Do - Kimble finds help from an unlikely ally-a mob
105. Run The Man Down - Kimble is shanghaied into helping a wounded
106. The Other Side of The Coin - Kimble is suspected of holding up a
     small town market.
107. The One That Got Away - An embezzler's wire ensnares Kimble in a
     dangerous plot.
108. Concrete Evidence - Kimble gets involved in a bitter battle of
     the sexes.
109. The Breaking of The Habit - Kimble seeks refuge in a home for
     delinquent girls.
110. There Goes The Ballgame - A trip to the ballpark turns into a
     nightmare for Kimble.
111. The Ivy Maze - The one-armed man becomes the unwitting subject
     of dream research by Kimble's pal.
112. Goodbye My Love - Kimble's crush on a devious singer may prove his
113. Passage to Helena - Kimble is caught in a survival struggle
     between a young racist condemned for murder and a black sheriff.
114. The Savage Street - A twist of fate puts Kimble under the protection
     of a young boy.
115. Death Of A Very Small Killer - A Mexican doctor blackmails Kimble
     into helping with medical experiments.
116. Dossier on A Diplomat - An African embassy becomes a jail for
117. Walls of Night - A beautiful convict steals Kimble's affections.
118. The Shattered Silence - Kimble becomes the virtual prisoner of an
     eccentric old hermit.
119. The Judgement-part 1 - Dr. Richard Kimble nabs the one-armed man
     who murdered his wife.
120. The Judgement-part 2 - final episode.