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Season 2

Season 2 episode guide revision date: February 22, 2000

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22. A Stitch In Time - January 14, 1996

     An unstable doctor decides to use time travel as "a means by which to
     stop crime before it starts." Her vigilante activities in the past
     give an FBI agent a unique case: a series of murders carried out with
     a weapon that has yet to be built.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL]
    [Guest Starring]
         Amanda Plummer             {Theresa Givens}
         Andrew Airlie
     and Michelle Forbes          as Jamie Pratt
     Written by                      Steven Barnes
     Directed by                     Mario Azzopardi
         Brian Arnold                Newscaster
         Samuel Khouth               Jerome Horowitz
         Adrain Hughes               Warren
         Kendall Cross               Allison
         Corrie Clark                Young Thersa Givens
         William McDonald            Mugger
         Brent Jd Sheppard           F.B.I. Agent #1
         Rob Morton                  F.B.I. Agent #2
         David Longworth             Robert Beck
         Gary Jones                  Duncan
         Sharon Holownia-Alexander   Angry Woman
         Mar Andersons               Student

23. Resurrection - January 14, 1996

     Two andriods in a post-apocalyptic world try to reseed the Earth with
     a human cloned from a single strand of hair.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL N AC]
    [Guest Starring]
         Heather Graham             {Alicia}
         Nick Mancuso               {Martin}
         Patrick Keating
     and Dana Ashbrook            as Cain
     Written by                      Chris Brancato
     Directed by                     Mario Azzopardi
         Ken Kirzinger               Moloch
         Brad Loree                  Patrol Android
         Fawnia Louise Mondey        New Human

24. Unnatural Selection - January 19, 1996

     A young couple elect to use a new technique to genetically enhance
     their unborn baby.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL]
    [Guest Starring]
         Alan Ruck                  {Howard Sharp}
         Catherine Mary Stewart     {Joanne Sharp}
         Mary Elizabeth Rubens
         Harrison Robert Coe
         Andrew Wheeler
         Ryan Slater
     Written by                      Eric A. Morris
     Directed by                     Joseph L. Scanlan
         Pat Bermel                  Dr. Reid
         Branden McAfee              Pete
         Roger Barnes                Tyler
         Catherine Swing             Nurse
         Sean Campbell               Police Officers
         Mitchell Kosterman
         Candice Connelly            Mother
         Desiree Nicholson           Little Girl

25. I Hear You Calling - January 26, 1996

     A news reporter investigates a string of mysterious murders after
     overhearing a phone conversation.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL]
    [Guest Starring]
         Ally Sheedy                {Carter Jones}
         Michael Sarrazin           {Mystery Man}
         Ken Pogue                  {Mr. Jones (Carter's father)}
         John Tench
         Jon Cuthbert
         Ken Camroux
     Special Appearance by
         Susan Hogan
     Based on a Short Story by       Catherine Weber
     Teleplay by                     Scott Shepherd
     Directed by                     Mario Azzopardi
         Jano Frandsen               Taylor
         Eric Keenleyside            Peters
         Russell Ferrier             Detective
         Alan Peterson               Motel Manager
         Francesco Ferrucci          Receptionist

26. Mind Over Matter - February 2, 1996

     A doctor enters the mind of a comatose colleague via a
     virtual-reality device.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL]
    [Guest Starring]
         Debrah Farentino           {Dr. Rachel Colton}
         Scott Hylands              {Dr. Howard Sarrazin}
         Noah Heney
         Natsuko Ohama
     Special Cameo Appearance by
         Peter Breck
     and Mark Hamill              as Dr. Sam Stein
     Written by                      Jonathan Glassner
     Directed by                     Brad Turner
         Sara Jane Redmond           Kendal's Girlfriend
     Notes: Peter Breck was in the original Outer Limits episode O.B.I.T.

27. Beyond the Veil - February 9, 1996

     A man believes he's being pursued by aliens.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL]
    [Guest Starring]
         Michael O'Keefe            {Eddie Wexler}
         Finn Carter                {Courtney Bowe}
         Nathaniel Deveaux
         Alex Diakun
     and Stephen McHattie         as Dr. Sherrick
     Written by                      Chris Brancato
     Directed by                     Allan Eastman
         Brian McGugan               Paramedic #1
         Ingrid Tesch                Paramedic #2
         Wren Robertz                Orderly
         Bill Finck                  Herman Fitch
         Janyse Jaud                 Woman on Suicide Helpline
         Danny Wattley               Orderly #2
         Paul Isaacson               Orderly #3
         Bob Wilde                   Lab Tech

28. First Anniversary - February 16, 1996

     A man begins to find his wife repulsive.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL AC]
    [Guest Starring]
         Matt Frewer                {Norman Glass}
         Jayne Heitmeyer            {Barbara}
         Clint Howard               {Dennis}
         Steve Bacic
     and Michelle Johnson         as Ady Sutton
     Based on a Short Story by       Richard Matheson, Sr.
     Teleplay by                     Jon Cooksey & Ali Marie Matheson
     Directed by                     Brad Turner
         Paul Mclean                 Dr. Phillips
         Gillian Carfra              Angie
         Garvin Cross                Ralph Sutton
         Angela Moore                African American Woman
         Morgan Lee Fae              Stacy
         Kathrin Nicholson           Ady #1

29. Straight and Narrow - February 23, 1996

     A problem child has just enrolled in the Milgram Academy, renowned
     for turning out the leaders of tomorrow. But what the brochures
     don't say is that this school uses a rather unorthodox means for
     controlling the students.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL]
    [Guest Starring]
         Ryan Phillippe             {Rusty Dobson}
         Tom Butler                 {Dr. Werner}
         Jonathan Scarfe            {Charlie Walters}
         Kavan Smith
     and Peter Donat              as Principal Kern
     Written by                      Joel Metzger
     Directed by                     Joseph L. Scanlan
         Jane McDougall              Marianne Dobson
         Peter Yunker                Instructor
         Tygh Runyan                 James Scardale
         Jabin Litwiniec             Student #1
         Austin Basille              Student #2
         Arnie Walters               Committe Member
         Paul Hubbard                Officer Scovil
         Steve Makaj                 Officer Brown
         Campbell Lane               Roland Baker
         Kevin Hansen                Young Man

30. Trial By Fire - March 1, 1996

     Soon after the new President of the U.S. is sworn in, he is informed
     an armada of alien ships is approaching the Earth.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL]
    [Guest Starring]
         Robert Foxworth            {President Charles Halsey}
         Ian Tracey
         Lawrence Dane              {General Covington}
         Teryl Rothery
         Dale Wilson
     and Diana Scarwid            as Elizabeth Halsey
     Written by                      Brad Wright
     Directed by                     Jonathan Glassner
         Claire Riley                News Anchor
         David Bloom                 Expert
         Bruce Harwood               Dr. Norris
         Jason Gray-Stanford         Airman
         Scott McNeil                Astronaut
         Sudsy Ewan Clark            Congressman

31. Worlds Apart - March 22, 1996

     After 20 years of being lost in outer space, the sole survivor of a
     manned spacecraft re-establishes contact.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL]
    [Guest Starring]
         Bonnie Bedelia             {Nancy MacDonald}
         Robert Ito                 {"Military Man"}
         Michael MacRae             {Greg Tilman}
         Chad Willett               {Lt. Christopher Lindy}
         Donnelly Rhodes            {Senator}
     Written by                      Chris Dickie
     Directed by                     Brad Turner
         Alison Matthews             Karen Dunn
         Robert Lewis                Commander Guy LaClerc
         Colin Cunningham            Professor Ernst
         Jan Bailey Mattia           Susan

32. The Refuge - April 5, 1996

     A confused man thinks that he's found the perfect refuge. That is
     until he realizes the people there are pitted against one another.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL BN AC]
    [Guest Starring]
         James Wilder               {Raymond Dalton}
         Jessica Steen              {Gina Beaumont}
         David McNally              {Thomas Valle}
         Deb Podowski               {Jutine}
         Lisa Melilli               {Debbie}
         Paul Jarrett
         Lorretta Bailey            {Sister Angelique}
     and M. Emmet Walsh             {Sanford Valle}
     Written by                      Alan Brennert
     Directed by                     Ken Girotti
         Malcolm Stewart             Joel Haas
         Barry Levy                  David Cohen
         Warren Takeuch              Male Med Tech
         Lorraine Landry             Female Med Tech

33. Inconstant Moon - April 12, 1996

     A lonely physics professor discovers the sun will become a nova.
     Once he understands that his hopes and dreams will never be realized,
     he becomes fully determined to live out all his fantasies including
     approaching the woman he's secretly loved for years.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL AC]
    [Guest Starring]
         Michael Gross              {Stanley}
         Joanna Gleason             {Leslie}
     Based on the Short Story by     Larry Niven
     Teleplay by                     Brad Wright
     Directed by                     Joseph L. Scanlan
         Jeremy Hart                 Henry Walker
         Tom Heaton                  Crazed Man
         Willian deVry               Bartender
         Scott Swanson               Silver Haired Man
         James Bell                  Drunk Executive

34. From Within - April 28, 1996

     People in a small town fall victim to parasitic worms which infect
     the brain and cause people to lose their inhibitions.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL AC SC]
    [Guest Starring]
         Neil Patrick Harris        (Howie Morrison}
         Christianne Hirt           {Sheila Morrison}
         Patrick Stevenson
         Gabrielle Miller
     Written by                      Jonathan Glassner
     Directed by                     Neill Fearnley
         Charles Andre               Evan
         Aaron Pearl                 Clark
         David Fredericks            Sheriff Lewis
         Dwight McFee                Bruce Johnson
         Bethoe Shirkoff             Mrs. Peal

35. The Heist - May 5, 1996

     A disgraced former Army officer seeks revenge against the military
     by hijacking an Army shipment of missiles. He soon discovers that
     he has gotten more than he bargined for.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL AC]
    [Guest Starring]
         Costas Mandylor            {Lee Taylor}
         Colm Feore                 {Major Mackie}
         Jasmine Guy                {Captain Teri Washington}
         Barry Pepper
         Katya Gardner
     and Philip Granger           as Calvin Taylor
     Written by                      Steven Barnes
     Directed by                     Brad Turner

36. Afterlife - May 19, 1996

     Convicted of a crime he did not commit, a man is given his choice
     of sentences - execution or participation in a covert military
     experiment. He chooses the latter which turns out to involve being
     injected with alien DNA.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL AC]
    [Guest Starring]
         Clancy Brown               {Capt. Linden Stiles}
         Barbara Garrick            {Dr. Ellen Kursaw}
         Duncan Fraser              {General Post}
     and Alan Rachins             as Maculhaney
     Written by                      John Whelpley
     Directed by                     Mario Azzopardi
         Sean Allan                  Priest
         Robin Mossley               Doctor
         Michael Andaluz             Lab Tech
         Richard Leacock             Taylor
         Garvin Cross                Hawkes
         Terry Howson                Alien

37. The Deprogrammers - May 26 , 1996

     In the distant future, the inhabitants of the Earth are conquered by
     Aliens and programmed into being slaves. A rebel leader hatches a
     daring plot to assassinate the alien ruler.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL AC]
    [Guest Starring]
         Brent Spiner               {Trent Davis}
         Erich Anderson             {Evan Cooper}
         Nicole Oliver              {Jill}
         Sam Khouth
     Written by                      James Crocker
     Directed by                     Joseph L. Scanlan
         Vincent Hammond             Koltok/Megwan
         Dean McKenzie               Newscaster
         Adam Harrington             Puppet Show Host

38. Paradise - June 16, 1996

     Mysterious disappearances of several elderly women baffle a doctor
     and a sheriff.
    [viewer warnings]               [AL N AC]
    [Guest Starring]
         Mel Harris                 {Dr. Christina Markham}
         Geraint Wyn Davies         {Sheriff Grady Markham}
         Timothy Webber             {Deputy James Middleton}
         Maxine Miller              {Helen}
         Heather Hanson
         Betty Linde
         Corrie Clark
         Sebastian Spence
         April Telek
     and Harold Gould             as Gerry
     Written by                      Jonathan Walker and Chris Dickie
     Directed by                     Mario Azzopardi
         Walter Marsh                Dr. O'Keefe
         A.J. Unger                  Peter
         Lindsay Bourne              Adminstrator
         David Lewis                 Deputy
         Maria Louisa Figura         Virginia Masters
         Crystal Cass                Alien

39. The Light Brigade - June 23, 1996

     A crippled spaceship remains the Earth's last line of defense against
     Alien invaders. Despite the last assault which exposed the ship to
     fatal doses of radiation, the ailing crew tries to launch one last
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL AC]
    [Guest Starring]
         Robert Patrick             {Maj. John Skokes}
         Graham Greene              {Chief Weapons Officer}
         Wil Wheaton                {Cadet}
         Adrian Hughes              {Boromir}
     Written by                      Brad Wright
     Directed by                     Michael Keusch
         Mike Kopsa                  Engineer
         Adrian Holmes               Soldier
         Nathaniel Deveaux           Voice of Captain
     Notes: This is the first sequal to a new Outer Limits episode. It
            begins where the "Quality of Mercy" left off.

40. Falling Star - June 30, 1996

     A rock star's stellar career has faded and she is contemplating
     suicide when a fan from the future intervenes.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL BN AC]
    [Guest Starring]
         Sheena Easton              {Melissa McCammon}
         John Pyper-Ferguson
         Kristin Lehman
         Sarah Strange              {Rachel}
         Victoria Morsell
     and Xander Berkeley            {husband}
     Written by                      Michael Bryant
     Directed by                     Ken Girotti
         Peter Bryant                Geoff
         Richard Lautsch             Eddie
         Rick Burgess                Sam
         Rod Wilson                  D.J.
     Notes: Michael Bryant is a pseudonym of Alan Brennert

41. Out of Body - July 14, 1996

     A researcher takes a dangerous step to pursue a controversial study
     on "out of body" experiences. When the funding for the project is
     pulled by "Family Foremost," a group that feels she's conducting
     "sacrilegious research," the scientist grows desperate. Declaring
     "God blessed us with curiosity," she sets her sights on the only
     test subject she can afford - herself.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL AC]
    [Guest Starring]
         Peri Gilpin                {Dr. Rebecca Warfield}
         Victor Garber              {Ben}
         William B. Davis           {Wymer}
     and Joely Fisher             as Amy
     Written by                      James Crocker
     Directed by                     Mario Azzopardi
         Alan Robertson              Dr. Minkoff
         Richard Sargent             Carl Haven
         Elan Ross Gibson            Woman
         Stephen Tibbets             Campus Cop
         Allixandria East            Nurse
         Wally Dalton                Jason

42. Vanishing Act - July 21, 1996

     One day a man goes out for ice cream and disappears for ten years.
     Upon his return, his wife is understandably shocked and upset,
     especially since he insists he left only hours ago.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL AC]
    [Guest Starring]
         Jon Cryer                  {Trevor McPhee}
         Dean McDermott
         Richard Ian Cox
     and Jessica Lundy            as Theresa McPhee
     Story by                        Jonathan Walker
     Teleplay by                     Chris Dickie
     Directed by                     Jonathan Glassner
         Eric Schneider              Dr. Golden
         Brennan Kotowich            Young Mark
         R. Nelson Brown             Bartender
         Lenno Britos                Man in Bathroom

43. The Sentence - August 4, 1996

     An inventor thinks that he's revolutionized the criminal justice
     system. His invention is a virtual prison which reduces life
     sentences to a few hours.
    [viewer warnings]               [V AL BN AC]
    [Guest Starring]
         David Hyde Pierce          {Dr. Jack Henson}
         Andrea Roth                {Dr. Dana Elwin}
         Garwin Sanford             {Meade}
         Jan D'Arcy                 {Walston}
     Written by                      Melissa Rosenberg
     Directed by                     Joseph L. Scanlan
         Doran Bell Jr.              Cory Izacks
         Dave "Squatch" Ward         Giant Convict
         Tamsin Kelsey               Dr. Glass
         Alexander Boynton           Ex Con
         J. Douglas Stewart          Watts
         Crystal Verge               Hall
         Judith Maxie                Judge
         Robyn Driscoll              Detective
         Adrien Dorval               Convict #1

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