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Season 5

Season 5 episode guide revision date: August 30, 1999

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88. Alien Radio - January 22, 1999

An outrageous radio talk show host becomes the target of UFO believers.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
    Joe Pantoliano    {Stan Harbinger}
Leslie Hope    {Darcy Kipling}
Malcolm Stewart
Alex Diakun    {Moses Saxon}
Barry Levy
Eric Keenleyside
and   Cynthia Nixon    {Trudy}
Written by    A.L. Katz
Directed by    Neill Fearnley
Daryl Shuttleworth    Burns
Allan Zinyk    Eldon DeVries
Charles Payne    McCoy
Kasper Michaels    Bartender
Nancy Sivak    Eldon's Wife
Klodyne Rodney    Reporter
Clay St. Thomas    Reporter
Federico Cervantes III    Alien

Notes: This might have originally been titled Dead Air.

89. Donor - January 29, 1999

When a doctor riddled with terminal cancer receives a full-body transplant, the medical community is thrilled by the procedure's success. But there are some aftereffects which include disturbing psychic flashes of love and murder.

[viewer warnings]    [none listed]
Guest Starring
    Robert Hays
Wendel Meldrum
Thomas Cavanagh
Lorraine Landry
Written by    Sam Egan
Directed by    Jimmy Kaufman
Chantal Conlin    Kylie Laird
Rice Honeywell    Timothy Laird
B.J. Harrison    Administrator
Kimberly Unger    Reporter #1
Verne Prior    Reporter #2
Ross Douglas    Andy Morgan

90. Small Friends - February 5, 1999

A brilliant inventor who is in jail for murder is blackmailed by fellow inmates who discover his secret invention.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
    Ralph Waite
    Richard Yearwood
Ingrid Torrance
    Andrew Johnston
and   Roddy Piper as Marlon
Written by    Tom Szollosi
Directed by    Neill Fearnley
Joel Palmer    Phillip
Marc Baur    Board Member
Dean Wray    Tito
Tim Progosh    Walter Black
Bill Croft    Gabriel
Gerry Rousseau    Jimmy
Michasha Armstrong    Policeman
Benz Antoine    Fence Guard

91. The Grell - February 12, 1999

A government official's jet is shot down by rebels crashing in the wilderness. He along with his family and alien slaves must make their way back through hostile territory to civilization.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
    Ted Shackleford    {High Secretary Paul Kohler}
Maurice Dean Wint    {Jesha}
Britt McKillip
Blair Slater
Roger R. Cross
and  Marina Sirtis    {Olivia Kohler}
Written by    Jeff King
Directed by    Jorge Montesi
David McNally    Shak-El
Jane Spence    Female Rebel
Gerry Currie    Ep
Jake T. Roberts    Colonel Vaux

92. The Other Side - February 19, 1999

A scientist uses what he calls the Neural Stimulation Inter-cortex Array on brain dead people to stimulate their brains to build neural pathways around the damaged areas.

[viewer warnings]    V AL BN
Guest Starring
    Ralph Macchio    {Dr. Neal Eberhardt}
Susannah Hoffman    {Janice Claymore}
Aaron Smolinski    {Adam}
Emmanuelle Vaugier    {Lisa}
Alec Willows
Anthony Ulc
and  Michael Sarrazin    {Marty Kilgore}
Written by    Bruce Lacey
Directed by    Jeff Woolnough
Trevor White    Vince Carter
Scott Swanson    Emil Dobkins
P. Lynn Johnson    Vera Dobkins

93. Joyride - February 26, 1999

An aging astronaut is given the chance to return to the point in space where a bizarre incident that ruined his personal and professional life occurred decades before. The astronaut reprograms the spaceship's flight path into this unknown zone which concerns the other passengers.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
    Cliff Robertson    {Theodore Harris}
Andrea Martin    {Lil Vaughn}
Mackenzie Gray    {Martin Reese}
Erin Daniels    {Barbara Chafey}
Adam Harrington    {Ty Chafey}
Scott Hylands
and  Barry Corbin    {Carlton Powers}
Story by    Dan Wright, David Alexander & Sam Egan
Teleplay by    Sam Egan
Directed by    James Head
Peter Bryant    Commander Sullivan
Pamela Perry    Madelaine Parkhurst
Gerry Currie    Young Harris
Lorena Gale    Committee Member
Peter Kelamis    Brain Wakefield
Paul Magel    Navy Frogman
Joanna Piros    Reporter #1
Kevin Hayes    Reporter #2

94. The Human Operators - March 12, 1999

A man enslaved by the ship on which he lives learns secrets of his family's past and how he came to be in his present entrapment. When he meets a woman of like mind, a need for freedom is kindled inside him resulting in a war between man and machine.

[viewer warnings]    V AL BN
Guest Starring
    Jack Noseworthy    {Man}
Polly Shannon    {Woman}
David Kaye    {young Man}
Noah Heney    {Man's Father}
and   Malcolm McDowell as Ship
Based on the Short Story by    Harlan Ellison & A.E. van Vogt
Screen Story and Teleplay by    Naren Shankar
Directed by    Jeff Woolnough

95. Blank Slate - April 2, 1999

A man stumbles into a homeless shelter but does not who he is or why some men are chasing him. He has five vials which hold all his memories. He uses an injector to restore those memories, and with the help of Hope who runs the shelter start to piece together his identity.

[viewer warnings]    V AL BN AC
Guest Starring
    Dale Midkiff    {Tom Cooper}
Robbi Chong    {Hope Wilson}
Larry Musser    {Jack Parsons}
Brian Jensen    {Cole}
  Michael Tiernan    {Vincent}
Written by    Will Dixon
Directed by    Lou Diamond Phillips
David Palffy    Kramer
Dean McKenzie    Kellar
Carmen Aguirre    Vagrant #1
Jimmy Herman    Mickey
Jeff Burnett    Terry
Harmoni Everett    Older Paula
Chelsea Jonasson    Younger Paula
Jerry Walliser    Father
Chris Moras    Younger Brother

96. What Will the Neighbors Think? - April 23, 1999

A woman develops the power to read her neighbors minds' and though she tries to put her ability to good use, she ends up causing chaos instead.

[viewer warnings]    V AL BN AC
Guest Starring
    Jane Adams    {Mona Bailey}
Peter Outerbridge    {Ned Bailey}
Jill Teed    {Tory Beth}
Brent Stait    {Vince}
April Telek    {Shirley}
Bruce Harwood
Tabitha St. Germain    {Delia}
Sheila Paterson
Rondel Reynoldson    {Esme}
Woody Jeffreys    {Beck}
and  Garwin Sanford as Dom Pardo
Written by    Al Katz
Directed by    Helen Shaver

97. The Shroud - April 30, 1999

A religious order creates an embryo from DNA in the Shroud of Turin which they secretly implant into an unsuspecting young woman.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
    Samantha Mathis    {Marie Wells}
Robert Wisden    {Justin Wells}
Sara Botsford    {Dr. Gail Cowlings}
Nathaniel DeVeaux
and  David Ogden Stiers    {Reverend Doctor Thomas Tilford}
Story by    Pen Densham and Scott Peters
Teleplay by    Scott Peters
Directed by    Stuart Gillard
John Innes    Priest
Jennifer Sterling    Nurse
Ben Eberhard    Orderly
Luc Corbeil    Driver

98. Ripper - May 7, 1999

A Victorian doctor searches for Jack the Ripper which he thinks is some type of creature.

[viewer warnings]    V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Cary Elwes    {John C.V. York}
Clare Sims  
Eliza Murbach
Robert Saunders
France Nuyen
with Frances Fisher
and  David Warner
Written by    Chris Ruppenthal
Directed by    Mario Azzopardi
Deni DeLory    Annie Chapman
Marnie Alton    Lizzie Stride
Colin Skinner    Worthington
Scott Elam    Lord Reston
Mary Ann Skoll    Mary Jane Kelly
Candice Connelly    Woman in Cream Dress
Brian Linds    Reporter
Danielle Ayotte    Newsboy
Jim Boardman    Wickett
Marie-Sophie Girard    Young Prostitute
Bonnie Catterson    Blonde Woman
Carmen Casanova    Street Prostitute #1
Janet Funk    Street Prostitute #2
Maya Chang    Street Prostitute #3

99. Tribunal - May 14, 1999

A mysterious time traveler helps the son of a concentration camp survivor bring a war criminal to justice.

[viewer warnings]    V AC
Guest Starring
    Saul Rubiner    {Aaron Zgierski}
Alex Diakun    {Nicholas Prentice}
Alex Zahara    {Karl Rademacher}
Peter Boretski as Leon Zgierski
Jan Rubes as Robert Greene
and  Lindsay Crouse    {U.S. Attorney Gwen Sawyer}
Written by    Sam Egan
Directed by    Mario Azzopardi
Roman Danylo    Young Leon Zgierski
Holly Ferguson    Miriam
Kyra Azzopardi    Hannah
Robert Weiss    Guard
Apollonia Vanova    Female Prisoner
Vince Walker    Prisoner
Sue Astley    Grace

Notes: If the episodes are counted as TV hours this is considered the 100th episode. At the end the episode was this note by Sam Egan: Dedicated to my father who survived Auschwitz... and to his wife and daughter who did not.

100. Summit - May 21, 1999

Doomsday is imminent when violence breaks out between Earth inhabitants and humanoids on the planet Dregocia.

[viewer warnings]    V AC
Guest Starring
    Marcia Cross    
Michael Ironside  
Andrew Airlie
Jonathan Walker
Kevin Conway
and  John Spencer
Written by    Scott Peters
Directed by    James Head
Eric Schneider    High Commander Reese
David Adams    Desmond Shiff
Campbell Lane    Noel Bachman
Darryl Scheelar    Gorum
Matthew Prior    Todd Woods

101. Descent - June 25, 1999

A mild-mannered professor becomes bold and powerful after he injects himself with primitive DNA.

[viewer warnings]    V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Leland Orser    
Jenny Levine  
Greg Thirloway
John Novak
  Frank C. Turner
Written by    Erik Saltzgaber
Directed by    Steve Anker
Benita Ha    Cute Lab Technican
John Bear Curtis    Bum
Robyn Driscoll    Detective
David Neale    Security Guard

102. The Haven - July 2, 1999

When a high-tech building malfunctions, previously isolated neighbors are forced to work together.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
    Chris Eigeman    
Torri Higginson  
Kim Hawthorne
Jody Racicot
  Gerard Plunkett
Written by    James Crocker
Directed by    Jimmy Kaufman
Brenda McDonald    Mrs. Eikenberry
Madeline Elder    Self-Centered Woman

103. Deja Vu - July 9, 1999

During tests to open a wormhole, a scientist is caught in a time loop and he suspects sabotage.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
    Kevin Nealon    
Terri Hawkes  
Jennifer Copping
David Lewis
and  Ronny Cox as Lt. Col. Lester Glade
Written by    A.L. Katz & Naren Shankar
Directed by    Brian Giddens
Dean Marshall    Corporal Hanford
Angela Moore    Rutherford

104. The Inheritors - July 16, 1999

A projectile from a meteorite strikes a man in the head. He is taken to the emergency room where he is pronounced dead. A short time later he suddenly comes to life.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
    Tom Irwin    
Nicholas Lea  
Stacy Grant
Don MacKay
Sarah-Jane Redmond
Michael Kopsa
and  Bill Smitrovich
Based Upon the Original Episode by    Sam Neuman, Seeleg Lester & Ed Adamson
Written by    Sam Egan
Directed by    Mike Rohl
Corrine Kolso    Abby
Rachel Victoria    Shana
Michael St. John Smith    Angus Wheaton
Ron Small    Harold Sanborn
Nicole Robert    Librarian
Betty Linde    Helen Darnell
Candus Churchill    Nurse
Maya Massar    Daria Michaels

Notes: As the credits indicate this was a remake of an original series episode of the same name.

105. Essence of Life - July 23, 1999

Assigned to catch a doctor who traffics in a substance that brings back the dead, an agent tries it himself.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
    Daniel Baldwin    
Jessica Steen  
Robert Moloney
with  Daphine Zuniga
and  Joel Grey
Story by    Steven Weber & Scott Peters
Teleplay by    Scott Peters
Directed by    Brad Turner
Doris Chillcott    Mrs. Westbrook
Ron Halder    George White
John Moore    Butler
Benz Antoine    Sergeant
David Glyn-Jones    Mr. Westbrook
Kristina Matisic    Newscaster
Kyle Darling    Agent

106. Stranded - July 30, 1999

A young boy, neglected by his own father, finds comfort in an alien who has crash-landed on earth.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
    Adam Hann-Byrd    
Chris Potter  
Lynda Boyd
Myles Ferguson
and  Daniel Hugh Kelly
Story by    Chris Ruppenthal, Naren Shankar, & Tom Szollosi
Teleplay by    Tom Szollosi
Directed by    Steve Anker
David Koff    Josh Buchanan
Will Sanderson    Nelson Tyler
Daniella Evangelista    Cindy Parker
Chris Wilding    Mean Kid #1
Jonathan Ndukwe    Mean Kid #2
Sal Sortino    Janitor

107. Fathers & Sons - August 6, 1999

A man decides to put his father in an old folks home. After the father starts to forget things his grandson begins to suspect something is going on at the home.

[viewer warnings]    V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Eugene Byrd    
Anthony Sherwood  
Julie Patzwald
Bob Morrisey
Lesley Ewen
Peter Williams
and  Bill Cobbs
Story by    William Mikulak & A.L. Katz
Teleplay by    A.L. Katz & Scott Nimerfro
Directed by    Michael Robison
Eleana Johnson    Edna Vanatter
Duane Keogh    Roger Nygard
Maria Louisa Figura    Inga
Matthew Harrison    Orderly
Tom Pickett    Security Guard
Barbara Dyke    Woman

108. Starcrossed - August 13, 1999

In 2050 a war was fought between aliens and earthmen. An agreement was reached where the aliens retained control of the land they all ready won. It was not an easy truce especially in the city of Angel.

[viewer warnings]    V AL BN
Guest Starring
    Angeline Ball    
Nathan Fillion  
Justin Louis
Robbi Chong
Natasha Vasiluk
and  Derek de Lint
Written by    Chris Ruppenthal
Directed by    Helen Shaver
Jim Shield    Duro
Ian Marsh    Hing Centurion
Ian Brown    Innocuous Man
Stuart O'Connell    Hing Soldier

109. Better Luck Next Time - August 20, 1999

At a crime scene police find two men dead. The only suspect claims one of the men shot the other and then shot himself.

[viewer warnings]    AL BN AC
Guest Starring
    Megan Gallagher    
Michael Riley  
Gillian Barber
Kate Twa
with William McNamara
and  Nicholas Campbellas Daniels
Excerpts by    Chris Ruppenthal, Alan Brennert, Steven Barnes, Pen Densham, Melinda Snodgrass
Written by    Naren Shankar
Directed by    Martin Cummins
Benz Antoine    LeRue

Notes: The excerpts were from Ripper, Heart's Desire, A Stitch In Time, and Living Hell.

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