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Season 4

Season 4 episode guide revision date: November 17, 2001

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See the guide introduction for notes about the series. Air dates are the first showing in the U.S. on Showtime. There were four season 3 episodes, episodes #62-65, which for an unknown reason Showtime did not air then but intermixed them among the fourth season episodes so are listed in the season 3 guide.

66. Criminal Nature - January 23, 1998

A detective tries to prevent genetically enhanced children from wreaking havoc on his city.

[viewer warnings]    V
Guest Starring
    Gary Cole    {Detective Ray Venable}
Louis Del Grande
Jason Gray-Stanford    {Dylan}
Lynda Boyd    {Marie}
Jill Teed
Anthony Ulc
Written by    Brad Markowitz
Directed by    Steve Anker
Joel Palmer    Jesse Venable
Kavan Smith    Lieutenant O'Neill
Rachel Cronin    GRS Girl
John MacLaren    Rosen
Judith Maxie    Mayor Grant
Fred Henderson    Acosta
David Cameron    Medic

Notes: This was a sequel to Unnatural Selection

67. The Hunt - January 30, 1998

After hunting is banned, sportsmen hunt androids who have outlived their usefulness.

[viewer warnings]    V
Guest Starring
    Doug Savant
Ron White
Sarah Strange
David McNally
Don Thompson
Tobias Mehler
and  Bob Gunton as Clute
Written by    Sam Egan
Directed by    Mario Azzopardi
Robert Moloney    Veeter
D. Harlan Cutshall    Driver
Russell Ferrier    Game Warden

68. Relativity Theory - February 27, 1998

A survey team in search of resources depleted on Earth come upon a planet which sensors say has no intelligent life but is rich in minerals. They soon find out otherwise.

[viewer warnings]    V
Guest Starring
    Melissa Gilbert    {Teresa Janovitch}
Jeremy Ratchford    {Sgt. Adam Sears}
Tim Guinee    {Corporal Charles Pendelton}
Hiro Kanagawa
Michael Kopsa
Written by    Carleton Eastlake
Directed by    Ken Girotti
Robert Lewis    Jake Sternlicht
Mary Ann Skoll    Judith Mason
Doug Jones    Elder Alien
Eg Mahan    Wounded Alien

69. Josh - March 6, 1998

A TV reporter tries to get a story from a man who seems to have mysterious powers. After the military becomes involved she takes even more of an interest.

[viewer warnings]    MV AC
Guest Starring
    Alex McArthur    {Josh Butler}
Kate Vernon    {Judy Warren}
Grant Heslov
Fulvio Cecere
Larry Musser    {Major Samuel Harbeck}
and  Scott Hylands    {Col. Roger Tennent}
Written by    Chris Ruppenthal
Directed by    Jorge Montesi
Joe Pascual    Lt. Marquez
Caroline Elliot    Allison James
Allixandria East    Sarah James
Jon Raitt    Gordon Huntmeyer
Edward Evanko    Preacher

70. Glyphic - March 20, 1998

A health official visits a town where a mysterious plague killed many of the children 12 years earlier.

[viewer warnings]    V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Rachael Leigh Cook    {Cassie}
Peter Flemming    {Tom Young}
Tom McBeath
Robin Duke
Tom Heaton
and  Lane Smith    {Dr. Malcolm Boussard}
Written by    Naren Shankar
Directed by    Catherine O'Hara
Brad Swaile    Louis Boussard
Shannon Beaty    Young Cassie
Ryan DeBoer    Young Louis
Jonathon Young    Billy
Constance Barnes    Doctor
Heater Chopko    Receptionist

71. Identity Crisis - March 27, 1998

Some experiments are being done where a man's mind and brain functions are transfered into an android for short periods of time. Then during one of these times the man's body is killed.

[viewer warnings]    V BN AC
Guest Starring
    Lou Diamond Phillips    {Captain Cotter McCoy}
Robert Joy    {Dr. Greg Olander}
Scott Kraft    {Colonel Pete Butler}
Dale Wilson    {General Langston Chase}
and  Teri Polo as Sally McCoy
Written by    James Crocker
Directed by    Brad Turner
John McConnach    Commando
Awaovieyi Agie    Guard

72. The Vaccine - April 3, 1998

A genetically engineered doomsday virus kills much of the Earth's population. A vaccine is delivered to 12 quarantined survivors but there is only enough to save 3 of them.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
    Maria Conchita Alonso    {Marie Alexander}
Lane Gates    {Harry}
Brent David Fraser    {Graham}
Biski Gugushe
Eric Keenleyside
Jay Brazeau    {Katz}
Megan Leitch    {Barb}
Joy Coghill
Written by    Brad Wright
Directed by    Neill Fearnley
Jason Gaffney    Kirk
Laurie Murdoch    Lawrence
Michael Buie    Soldier
Joanna Piros    News Anchor
Claire Riley    Dr. Egan

73. Fear Itself - April 10, 1998

A man's brain is transformed into a psychic weapon while he's being treated for crippling phobias stemming from a childhood trauma.

[viewer warnings]    V RP AL BN AC
Guest Starring
    Arye Gross    {Bernard Selden}
Tanya Allen    {Lisa}
Lorena Gale
Benjamin Ratner
Alex Diakun    {Mr. Wilkes}
and  Jeffrey De Munn as Dr. {Adam} Pike
Written by    Sam Egan
Directed by    James Head
Eric Schneider    Dr. Osgoode
Althea McAdam    Woman
Matthew Prior    Boy
Darren Moore    Gangmember
Michael Cram    McKenna
Howard Siegel    Superintendent
Max Peters    Young Bernard
Jim Smith    Orphanage Caretaker

74. The Joining - April 17, 1998

In order to survive the atmosphere following a global disaster, a NASA scientist merges his DNA with life forms on Venus.

[viewer warnings]    V AL BN
Guest Starring
    C. Thomas Howell    {Capt. Miles Davidow}
Amanda Tapping    {Kate Girard}
Jim Byrnes
Linda Darlow
and  Jeffrey Jones as Dr. Scott Perkins
Story By    Sam Egan, Jonathan Glassner & Brad Wright
Teleplay by    Sam Egan
Directed by    Brad Turner
Michael Tiernan    Major Braithwaite
Alvin Sanders    Chaplain

75. To Tell the Truth - April 24, 1998

A discredited scientist tries to convince colonists to evacuate their planet before they're destroyed by radiation.

[viewer warnings]    V AL BN
Guest Starring
    Gregory Harrison    {Dr. Larry Chambers}
Kim Huffman    {Amanda Harper}
Alan Scarfe    {Montgomery Bennett}
Ken Pogue    {Ian Harper}
and  William Atherton    {Franklin Murdock}
Written by    Lawrence Meyers
Directed by    Mario Azzopardi
David Allan Pearson    Stanley Fenton
Marcy Goldberg    Council Member Roark
Doug Jones    Alien #1
Eg Mahan    Alien #2

76. Mary 25 - May 29, 1998

Inventor Charlie Bouton is determined to sell his newest creation, a robotic nanny, but is having a difficult time convincing influential corporate leaders of its potential success. Because of the former Valerie 23 fiasco they greet Mary 25 with a great deal of skepticism. Charlie decides to use his own children to prove Mary's capabilities.

[viewer warnings]    V AL N AC
Guest Starring
    Cynthia Geary    {Teryl}
Tom Butler    {Charlie Bouton}
with  Michael Shanks as Melburn Ross
and  Sofia Shinas as Mary 25
Written by    Jonathan Glassner
Directed by    James Head
Britt McKillip    Brook Bouton
Matthew Prior    Brandon Bouton
Patrica Mayen Salazar    Carmen Ortega
Paula Shaw    Mrs. Janus
Ian Robison    Grant Kildale

Notes: This was a sequel to Valerie 23 and included a few short clips from that episode.

77. Final Exam - June 26, 1998

A student genius threatens to destroy millions of people with a cold fusion bomb. His demands on the government are to murder his enemies: a couple of cruel foster parents, corrupt professors, and a mean librarian.

[viewer warnings]    V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Brett Cullen    {Dr. John Martin}
Peter Stebbings    {Seth Todtmann}
Stellina Rusich
and  Kevin Tighe
Written by    Carleton Eastlake
Directed by    Mario Azzopardi
Michael St. John Smith    Dean Irwin
Andrew McIlroy    Hal Kaplan
Garvin Cross    Lt. Jackson
Darcy Kirkpatrick    Communications Officer
Chris Nelson Norris    Captain Litvak
Derek Peakman    Professor Wylie
Kyra Azzopardi    Kate Martin
Gary Hetherington    Chief Davis
Bob Dawson    Mr. Walker
Sharon Alexander    Girl Hostage
Brennan Elliot    Tom
John Innes    Teacher
Derek Lowe    Student

78. Lithia - July 3, 1998

A cryogenically frozen man awakens after 40 years to discover Earth is inhabited only by women.

[viewer warnings]    V AL N AC
Guest Starring
    David Keith    {Maj. Jason Mercer}
Claire Rankin    {Ariel}
Nadia Capone    {Miranda}
Kirsten Williamson    {Pele}
Camille Mitchell
and  Julie Harris as Hera
Written by    Sam Egan
Directed by    Helen Shaver
Katie Stuart    Phoebe
Karin Konoval    Sarah
Beverley Elliot    Celeste
Jenny-Lynn Hutcheson    Nomi
Julie Bond    Pontella
Michelle Hart    Enya
Nadia Leigh Nascimento    Elysse

79. Monster - July 10, 1998

The CIA experiments to use telekinesis as an assassination tool.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
    Harry Hamlin    {Ford Maddox}
Nicole DeBoer    {Rachel Sanders}
Aaron Pearl    {Roger Beckersly}
Bridget O'Sullivan    {Louise McDonnaugh}
and  Robert Guillaume as Mr. Brown
Written by    Chris Ruppenthal
Directed by    Allan Eastman
David Lloyd Austin    Mistoslav Krufchik
Ronald Selmour    Colonel Kikongo
Nicholas Harrison    Head of Security
Sean Millington    Delta #1 Leader
Michael Brynjolfson    Delta #2 Leader
Scott Swanson    General Baker
Richard Leacock    Dairy Guard

80. Sarcophagus - August 7, 1998

An Alaskan archeological team discovers what appears to be a burial mound containig an alien remains.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
    Lisa Zane    {Nathalie Grainger}
David Cubitt    {Curtis Grainger}
Peter Wilds
Eli Gabay
and  Robert Picardo    {Emmet Harley}
Written by    Bill Froehlich
Directed by    Jeff Woolnough
Doug Jones    Alien/Alien Doctor
Patricia Dahlquist    Doctor

Notes: This episode was dedicated to the memory of Michael Blacklock. He did special effects in the new Outer Limits and other shows.

81. Nightmare - August 14, 1998

A voice plays a deadly game of interrogation when aliens capture a military cruiser.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
    Steven Bauer    {Waylon Dumar}
Maurice Dean Wint    {Capt. Roger Kimbro}
Kerry Sandomirsky    {Kristen O'Keefe}
Brandy Ledford    {Dr. Elana Chomski}
Cameron Graham    {Lt. Christopher Valentine}
Garry Chalk
and  Robin Shou    {Maj. Ronald Naguchi}
Based Upon the Original Episode by    Joseph Stefano
Story by    Sam Egan and Tracy Torme
Teleplay by    Sam Egan
Directed by    James Head
Danny Wattley    Dennis Cameron
Adam Harrington    Billy Valentine
Eric Schneider    The Voice
Chantal Strand    Young Girl

Notes: This episode was dedicated to the memory of Leslie Stevens who died April 24, 1998. He was an executive producer and director of the original Outer Limits. As the credits indicate, this episode was another one adapted from the original series.

82. Promised Land - August 21, 1998

A family of aliens try to protect their food and farm from a group of hostile humans.

[viewer warnings]    V
Guest Starring
    Caroline Goodall    {Rebecca}
Joseph Kell    {David}
Susan Hogan
and  Rene Auberjonois    {Dlavan}
Story by    Brad Markowitz and Brad Wright
Teleplay by    Brad Markowitz
Directed by    Neill Fearnley
Jessica Harmon    Tali
Jane Sowerby    Ruth
Lanchlan Murdoch    Ma'al
Paul Magel    Caleb
Kristian Ayre    T'sha
John Tench    Alex
Devin Drewitz    Isaac

Notes: This episode picks up where The Camp left off.

83. The Balance of Nature - September 4, 1998

A doctor develops the technology to reverse aging and disease.

[viewer warnings]    V
Guest Starring
    Maurice Godin    {Dr. Noah Phillips}
Harve Presnell    {Greg Matheson}
Lisa Maris    {Meredith}
Fiona Loewi
Andrew Airlie    {Dr. Don Kingsly}
and  Barbara Rush    {Barbara}
Written by    Derek Lowe
Directed by    Steve Johnson

Notes: Barbara Rush was in the original Outer Limits episode The Forms Of Things Unknown. This episode was written by an independent writer and was Derek's first TV script produced. His original title was Picture Perfect Family which after some re-writes became Best Years of My Life then ended up as Balance of Nature. Derek also does acting and had a small part in Final Exam but his part was cut from the final cut of the episode even though he was still credited for it.

84. The Origin of Species - November 27, 1998

Dr. Ira Nodel has his body altered to communicate with aliens who have seeded Earth with their genetic material. He is joined on an alien spaceship by son Paul, Paul's girlfriend, and six students. When Dr. Nodel touches a glowing post in the ship's control room, both he and Paul are consumed by a mysterious light. Then the students start disappearing two by two.

[viewer warnings]    N
Guest Starring
Ryan Reynolds    {Paul Nodel}
Kathleen Duborg    {Hope}
William de Vry
Tara Spencer-Nairn    {Heather}
Kirby Morrow
Clare Lapinskie
Terri Lynn Ibisoglu
Silvio Pollio
and  Ron Rifkin as Dr. Eric Nodel
Excerpts by    Jonathan Glassner
Story by    Jonathan Glassner & Naren Shankar
Teleplay by    Naren Shankar
Directed by    Brad Turner
Double Helix excerpts starring
Andrew Johnston
L. Harvey Gold    

Notes: This episode is a sequal to Double Helix.

85. Phobos Rising - December 4, 1998

Soldiers on Mars fear an explosion on Earth marks the end of a long truce between opposing alliances.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
    Adam Baldwin    {Major James Bowen}
Barbara Eve Harris    {Colonel Samantha Elliot}
Gordon Currie
Kevin McNulty
and  Joan Chen as Major Dara Talif
Written by    Garth Gerald Wilson
Directed by    Helen Shaver
Jennifer Copping    Coporal Harrier
Robert Luft    Coporal Edwards
Mina E. Mina    Colonel Paz
Brendan Stitchman    Private Juanas
Winston Brown    Sergeant Nichols
Rob Freeman    Captain Rosen
Daryl Scheelar    Sergeant Laughton

Notes: This is the first episode to air in syndication before on Showtime.

86. Black Box - December 11, 1998

A missing package contains powerful secrets, and everyone wants a piece of the action.

[viewer warnings]    V AL
Guest Starring
Ron Perlman    {Lt. Col. Brandon Grace}
    Maria Del Mar    {Jennifer}
Chris Mulkey
Michael David Simms
Belinda Metz
Peter DeLuise
Julie Patzwald
Terence Kelly
Written by    Brad Markowitz
Directed by    Steven Weber
Julie Fitzgerald    Penny
Nancy Kerr    Dr. Allensworth
Donny Lucas    Hornet

87. In Our Own Image - December 18, 1998

A woman abducted by an escaped android gets a crash course in robot repairs.

[viewer warnings]    V AL N AC
Guest Starring
    Nana Visitor    {Celia}
Nicholas Lea    {Mac 27}
Timothy Webber
Bill Dow
Excerpts by    Brad Wright, James Crocker, Jonathan Glassner
Story by    Naren Shankar
Teleplay by    Naren Shankar, Carleton Eastlake, Chris
   Ruppenthal, Brad Markowitz
Directed by    Steve Anker
Tim O'Halloran    Security Chief
Dana Pemberton    Security Guard
John Wardlow    Dr. Blake

Notes: This episode had excerpts from Bits of Love, Valerie 23, Identity Crisis, and The Camp.

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