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Season 3

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44. Bits of Love - January 19, 1997

Following a nuclear holocaust in the year 2047, a man surrounds himself with computer-generated friends and relatives - but underestimates the capacity of the computer.

[viewer warnings]    V AL N AC
Guest Starring
Jon Tenney    {Aidan Hunter}
Matthew Walker    {Trevor Hunter}
Sheila Larken    {Francis Hunter}
    Steve Bacic    {Griff}
and Natasha Henstridge as Emma
Written By    James Crocker
Directed By    Neill Fearnley
Ingrid Kavelaars    Nicole
Crystal Cass    Claire
Brett Stone    Michelle

45. Second Thoughts - January 19, 1997

A dying scientist uses an invention he has been working on to transfer his memories and experiences into another man's brain. This man was in his 30's but had the mind of a child and the transference causes dramatic changes.

[viewer warnings]    V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Howie Mandel    {Karl Durand}
Jennifer Rubin    {Rose Ciotti}
John Gilbert    {Dr. Valerian}
Terry David Mulligan
Lorena Gale
William S. Taylor
Ryan Michael
Jerry Wasserman    {William Talbot}
Written by    Sam Egan
Directed by    Mario Azzopardi
Dean Balkwill    Willy
Althea McAdam    Dr. Behrens
Cindy Girling    Saleswoman
Gordon Tipple    Detective #1

46. Re-Generation - January 24, 1997

A woman impregnates herself with her dead child's cells in order to create an embroynic clone. She soon experiences her son's memories and discovers more about his death

[viewer warnings]    V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Kim Cattrall    {Rebecca Highfield}
Daniel Benzali    {Graham Highfield}
Teryl Rothery    {Dr. Lucy Cole}
Written by    Tom J. Astle
Directed by    Brenton Spencer
Liam Ranger    Justin Highfield
Bart Anderson    Doctor
Joseph Ramyr-Pascual    Paramedic
Carrie Cain Sparks    Nurse

47. Last Supper - January 31, 1997

When a mysterious, ageless woman falls in love with a young man, she is reunited with his father, who rescued her from inhuman experience twenty years earlier.

[viewer warnings]    V AL BN AC
Guest Starring
    Peter Onorati    {Frank Martin}
Sandrine Holt    {Jade}
Dey Young    {Carol Martin}
Michael Hogan    {Dr. Lawrence Sinclair}
Ron Halder
and Fred Savage    {Danny}
Written by    Scott Shepherd
Directed by    Helen Shaver
Scott Vickaryous    Young Sinclair

48. Stream of Consciousness - February 7, 1997

In a world where neural implants allow everyone instant access to information, Ryan is considered a moron. Because of a brain injury he suffered as a child, he's unable to tap into the "Stream" - an electronic collection of all human knowledge - so he struggles in vain to keep up by reading books, a primitive and forgotten art. When a virus enters the Steam, Ryan must try to stop it.

[viewer warnings]    V AL AC
Guest Starring
    George Newbern    {Ryan Unger}
Suki Kaiser    {Cheryl}
Shane Meier    {Mark}
and Blu Mankuma as Stanley
Written by    David Shore
Directed by    Joe Nimziki
Tyler Van Blankenstein    Young Ryan
Kate Twa    Dr. Annaud
Andrew Airlie    Dr. Kevington
Angela Moore    Nurse #1
Dolly Scarr    Patient
Peta Brookstone    Waitress
Jennifer Sterling    Janet

49. Dark Rain - February 14, 1997

After a chemical war renders the world's population unable to conceive healthy children, a mother and father escape from a sinister government agency intent on using their healthy newborn to re-populate the earth.

[viewer warnings]     V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Don Franklin    {Tim McAllister}
Rachael Crawford    {Sherry McAllister}
Susan Hogan
Christopher Bolton
Christine Willes
and Alan Scarfe as Dr. (Clayton} Royce
Written by    David Braff
Directed by    Mario Azzopardi
Louva Meloche    Annie
Kyle Labine    Joe
Kenneth Ryan    Leader
Maxine McKay    Tessa
Chilton Crane    Pregnant Woman
Jean Daigle    N.W.A. Spokesperson

50. The Camp - February 21, 1997

For twelve generations, mankind has lived in concentration-type camps, imprisoned by the human collabators of the alien New Masters. One woman dares to challenge the authority of her Commandant and learns the truth about their captors.

[viewer warnings]     V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Harley Jane Kozak    {woman}
David Hemblen    {Commandant}
Bill Cobbs    {bearded man}
John Tench    {scarred man}
Written by    Brad Wright
Directed by    Jonathan Glassner
Frank C. Turner    Elder
Karen Austin    Old Woman
Jessica Harmon    Little Girl
Robert Weiss    Overseer #1
Mark Gibbon    Overseer #2
David Cameron    Overseer #3
Jonathon Young    Young Man
Izabella Zalewski    Young Woman

51. Heart's Desire - February 28, 1997

A mysterious alien visitor in the old west offers to share his extraordinary powers with four outlaws. The new powers make the outlaws virtually invincible.

[viewer warnings]     V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Caspar Van Dien    {Jake Miller}
Gary Basaraba    {Ben Miller}
Jed Rees    {J.D. Kelton}
David Longworth    {preacher}
Ocean Hellman    {Miriam Turner}
John Novak    {Tom Grant}
and Esai Morales as Frank Kelton
Written by    Alan Brennert
Directed by    Mario Azzopardi
Tom Heaton    Josiah Miller
Hamish Tildesley    Will
John Bear Curtis    Blacksmith
Bart Anderson    Townsman
Zook Matthews    Bartender
Dana Grahame    German Woman

52. Tempests - March 7, 1997

A rickety old spaceship piloted by some space colonists is on a mission of mercy. It is ferrying two VIPs from Earth and a lifesaving vial of serum to Tabloss Colony where an epidemic is devastating the population.

[viewer warnings]     V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Eric McCormack    {John Virgil}
Kenneth Welsh    {Dr. Vasquez}
Marie Stillin    {Governor Mudry}
Charlene Fernetz    {Corinne Virgil}
and Burt Young    {Captain Parker}
Written by    Hart Hanson
Directed by    Mario Azzopardi
Lee Taylor    Colonel Lynne
Lachlan Murdoch    John Virgil, Jr.

53. The Awakening - March 14, 1997

A woman has lived her life in an emotional void, suffering from a condition called primary alexithymia. A doctor is able to cure her with a small implant in her brain and for the first time she can feel a full spectrum of emotions.

[viewer warnings]     V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Lela Rochon    {Beth Carter}
Gordon Pinsent    {Dr. Steven Molstad}
Michele Greene    {Joan Garrison}
Roger R. Cross    {Kevin Flynn}
Micki Maunsell    {Dolly Kellerman}
Written by    James Crocker
Directed by    George Bloomfield
Lloyd Berry    Mike Kellerman
Alannah Ong    Woman Journalist
Joanna Piros    T.V. Newscaster
Scott Owen    Robber
Desiree Nicholson    Jenny
Michael Reid MacKay    Alien #1
Kelly Anne Conroy    Alien #2

54. New Lease - March 21, 1997

After years of research two doctors have discovered how to bring the dead back to life with their new breakthrough invention, the Scanning Molecular Reorganizer. However, they find the process seems to be flawed after the first revival of a human has problems.

[viewer warnings]     V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Stephen Lang    {Dr. James Houghton}
Terence Kelly    {Oscar Reynolds}
Nancy Sorel    {Page Houghton}
and Michael Ontkean    {Dr. Charles McCamber}
Written by    Sam Egan
Directed by    Jason Priestley
Brittney Irvin    Katrine Houghton
Jason Priestley    Anthony Szigetti
Michael Kopsa    Detective Broder
Rick Ravanello    Driver

55. Double Helix - March 28, 1997

A brilliant-yet-eccentric geneticist unveils his research of "introns," the mysterious genetic material which he believes holds the code for future evolution. After successful testing on animals he secretly tries the formula on himself.

[viewer warnings]     V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Ron Rifkin    {Dr. Martin Nodel}
Ryan Reynolds    {Paul Nodel}
Ken Pogue    {Dean Hardwick}
Andrew Johnston  
Written by    Jonathan Glassner
Directed by    Mario Azzopardi
L. Harvey Gold    Dr. Greeson
Scott Swanson    Reverend Leblanc
William deVry    Ben
Tara Spencer-Nairn    Heather
Kathleen Duborg    Hope
Edward Diaz    Derek
Sara Johnson    Brittany
Kirsten Williamson    Sharon
Linda Ko    Female Student
Brent Fordham    Overweight Student

56. Dead Man's Switch - April 4, 1997

A loner is one of four chosen to man the controls of a doomsday device set up by world leaders after spaceships were spotted heading towards Earth. The weapon is designed as a last-line deterrent against alien invasion. Their job is to hit a switch that prevents the device from going off and destroying aliens and mankind alike.

[viewer warnings]     V AL BN AC
Guest Starring
    James LeGros    {Ben Conklin}
Kristin Lehman    {Katya Rubinov}
Donnelly Rhodes    {General James Eiger}
Yee Jee Tso    {Hong}
Merrilyn Gann    {Gwen Wellington}
Ellis Williams    {Donald}
Written by    Ben Richardson
Directed by    Jeff Woolnough

57. Music of the Spheres - May 9, 1997

A 20 year-old physic whiz intercepts transmissions from a distant solar system. Teenagers on Earth groove to the interplanetary rhythms, but begin to turn into silver-skinned mutations.

[viewer warnings]     AL AC
Guest Starring
    Howard Hesseman    {Dr. Taylor}
Joshua Jackson    {Devon Taylor}
Larry Musser    {Dr. Evan Swith}
Anna Hagan
and Kirsten Dunst    {Joyce Taylor}
Written by    Steven Barnes
Directed by    David Warry-Smith
Ryan Taylor    Vic
Jonathan Whittaker    Colonel Bowen
David Kaye    News Anchor
Ronin Wong    Doctor #1
Kamilyn Kaneko    Kelly
Andrew Younghusband    D.J.
Gina Chiarelli    Doctor #2
Douglas Newell    Principal
Freda Perry    Nurse

58. The Revelations of 'Becka Paulson - June 6, 1997

A dowdy housewife develops a relationship with a store-bought photograph.

[viewer warnings]     V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Catherine O'Hara    {Becka Paulson}
John Diehl    {Mr. Paulson}
Bill Dow    
Marilyn Norry
and Steven Weber    {the 8x10 guy}
Based on the Short Story
The Revelations of 'Becka Paulson by    Steven King
Written by    Brad Wright
Directed by    Steven Weber
Barry Mickelson    Doctor
Jon Chardiet    Moss
Preston Maybank    Hank
Russell B. Porter    Actor
Carla White    Actress
Jo-Ann MacDonald    Cashier
David Glyn-Jones    Poker Pal

59. Bodies of Evidence - June 20, 1997

A space station captain is accused of killing his crew, but on close inspection, evidence indicates they were mysteriously duped into committing suicide.

[viewer warnings]     V AL AC
Guest Starring
    Mario Van Peebles    {Captain William Clark}
Guylaine St. Onge    {Dr. Helene Dufour}
Ken Camroux    
Berry W. Levy
Roman Podhora
Gerard Plunkett
and Jennifer Beals    {Robin Dysart}
Story by    Chris Dickie and Ryland Kelley
Teleplay by    Chris Dickie
Directed by    Melvin Van Peebles
David Lloyd Austin    Admiral Sergei Yurov
Tatiana Chekhova    Commander Lara Nabakov
David Neale    Commander Richard Gordon
Linden Banks    Dr. Thomas Sommerset
Patrick Keating    Technician
Alexander Pollock    Boy
Kathryn Anderson    Woman
Zinaid Memisevic    Young Man

60. Feasibility Study - July 11, 1997

An entire community is transported to another world as an experiment to see just how feasible it would be to breed humans into a perpetual race of slaves.

[viewer warnings]     V AL AC
Guest Starring
    David McCallum    {Joshua Hayward}
Laura Harris    {Sarah Hayward}
Malcolm Stewart    {Mr. Tenzer}
Don MacKay
Peter Hanlon
Chilton Crane
    Peter Bryant    
Written by    Joseph Stefano
Directed by    Ken Girotti
Jesse Moss    Sean Tenzer
Zachary Ansley    Adrielo
Tobias Mehler    Nicky Reeves
French Tickner    Father Puglia
Christina Jastrzembska    Sonia
Eric Schneider    Triune

Notes: This is another remake of an original Outer Limits episode which Joseph Stefano also wrote. Joseph was one of the creators of the original series and is a creative consultant on the new series. David McCallum starred in two of the other original series episodes.

61. A Special Edition - July 25, 1997

A television journalist has concrete proof that the government is involved with genetic cloning activities. While the world waits by their sets to see the show, there are some that will stop at nothing to keep these facts a secret.

[viewer warnings]     V AL N AC
Guest Starring
    Alan Thicke    {Donald Rivers}
Bruce Harwood    {Dr. Avery Strong}
Louise Vallance    
Story by    Naren Shankar and Jonathan Glassner
Teleplay by    Naren Shankar
Excerpts by    Scott Shepherd, Sam Egan, Brad Wright,
   Naren Shankar, Chris Brancato, John
   Whelpley, David Braff
Directed by    Mario Azzopardi
Michael St. John Smith    Dr. Richard Morgan
Colin Lawrence    Technician
Harrison Coe    Man
Colleen Winton    Spokesperson
Gerry Rousseau    Bum

Notes: This episode had excerpts from Last Supper, New Lease, Blood Brothers, The Voice of Reason, Afterlife, In Another Life, and Dark Rain.

62. Hearts and Minds - February 6, 1998

A captain and his squad is assigned a mission to to fight the bug-like aliens on a distant planet and prevent them from stealing a mineral, pergeium, that has become a vital source of energy on earth. The soldiers must take a special genetic drug that guards against being infected by alien spirochetes that can cause skin ruptures, hallucinations, and fatal brain lesions.

[viewer warnings]     MV
Guest Starring
    Christine Elise    {Lt. Rosen}
Miguel Fernandes    {Capt. Taverner}
Dylan Walsh    {Sgt. Eldritch}
Vincent Gale    {Corporal Hawthorne}
Heather Hanson    {Archer}
Written by    Naren Shankar
Directed by    Brad Turner
Tong Lung    Asian Leader
Darryl Quon    Asian Worker
Michael Todd    Alien

63. In Another Life - February 16, 1998

A suicidal loser is transported to the world of a more successful version of himself to kill their homicidal variation.

[viewer warnings]     V, AL, N, AC
Guest Starring
    Kelly Rowan    {Kristin}
Mitchell Laurance    {Mason Stark}
Matthew Laurance    {Mr. Stark}
Andrew Wheeler
Peter Yunker
Story by    Naren Shankar, Brad Wright, & Chris Brancato
Teleplay by    Naren Shankar
Directed by    Allan Eastman
Cheryl Wilson    Cynthia
Deshka Peneff    Janice
Philllip Mitchell    Mugger
Jim Swansburg    Man
Benz Antoine    Security Guard #1
Rob Daprocida    Security Guard #2

Notes: This episode first aired at 12:20 am which some TV listings consider to have run May 15.

64. In the Zone - February 20, 1998

An aging athlete undergoes treatments that speedup his reflexes and inadvertently enters an alternate time continuum.

[viewer warnings]     V, AL, AC
Guest Starring
    Adrian Pasdar    {Tanner Brooks}
Claudette Mink    {Jessica Brooks}
Dwight McFee    
and Pat Morita as Michael Chen
Story by    Jon Povill
Teleplay by    Naren Shankar
Directed by    David Warry-Smith
Rick Ravanello    Marcus
Douglas Smith    Kid
Paul Carson    Reporter #1
Catherine Swing    Reporter #2
Lori Fetrick    Helen

65. Rite of Passage - March 13, 1998

Two sheltered teens rebel against their alien parental figures when their baby is taken from them.

[viewer warnings]     V, AL, AC
Guest Starring
    Jimmy Marsden    {Brav}
Emmanuelle Vaugier    {Shal}
Camille Mitchell    {"Mother"}
Written by    Chris Dickie
Directed by    Jimmy Kaufman
Boyan Vukelic    Roan
Crystal Cass    K'ren
Mark Gibbon    Male Vorak

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